No Stains, No Fears

by - November 02, 2016

In life, we are faced and challenged with so many fears that sometimes we feel paralyzed and do not know how to deal with our daily tasks anymore. But as a woman and a mother, I cannot always let these fears stop me from being the best that I can be to my kids. Thankfully, with much determination and good partners in life, I can break down the walls and wash away the fears!

Ariel, the world's leading detergent, honors 100 Filipinas who are fearless in pursuing their passion with a Wash Your Fears Summit.

In this summit, Ariel's brand Ambassador, Ms. Kris Aquino, and 10 Fearless Women were invited as keynote speakers in a discussion on the "State of Filipina Women" where they also shared inspiring stories on how they overcame their fears and succeeded in life. The event aimed to demonstrate Ariel's ability to remove 100 stains in 1 wash through a symbolic washing away of fears by the 100 Fearless Filipinas.

I'm truly honored to be picked as one of the 100 Fearless Filipinas for this summit and I, too, was able to write down my current fear on a white shirt and let Ariel wash it away. :)

I am extremely terrified when my kids get sick. I feel so helpless when I can't make them feel better immediately. As a mom, I don't want anything to happen to them and seeing them so weak just breaks my heart. :( But through this summit, Ariel made me realize that I am also the biggest comfort zone of my kids. Being beside them 24/7 and them knowing I would do everything I can to make them feel better is already a start to their recovery. :)

The gathering pays tribute to all Filipinas who continue to strive to improve the lives of their families and their communities. Ariel recognizes the journey to success is often stained by roadblocks that test one's strength, dedication and commitment yet Filipinas are known to stand up from the fall, wash their fears away and bravely face the world.

This summit for women features a panel discussion headlined by Ms. Kris Aquino and ten female celebrity influencers who are known to be fearless in their various roles, such as fearless beauty queen Miriam Quiambao, fearless advocate for peace and development Amina Rasul, fearless advocate for health and environment Anna Kapunan, fearless beauty queen and advocate for children's education Marilou Chua, fearless journalist Samira Gutoc-Tomawis, fearless entrepreneur Mandy dela Rama, fearless lifestyle columnist Mons Romulo, fearless female pilot Aimee Carandang Gloria, and fearless founder of The Cravings Group Badgie Guerrero-Trinidad. Ms. Emmeline Verzosa, Executive Director of the Philippines Commission on Women (PCW) and Ms. Maria Clara Ignacio, Chief of The Women's Center - Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) are also invited as key note speakers to provide deeper context on the 'State of Filipinas'. All women in the panel shared their inspiring stories on how they recovered from the many stains they encountered in their pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.

"Sometimes, no matter how focused we are on our goals, there will be unexpected situations and stains that will challenge our abilities. But being Filipina and a mother, I learned to use the last ounce of strength to stand up and face my fears." - Kris Aquino

"I draw a lot of strength from my faith. I had my own share of dark moments which lasted for years. My healing journey was filled with feelings of gratitude, positive thoughts, and lots of prayers. I believe Filipinas are strong because we love to pray."- Miriam Quiambao

"Empowering Filipinas is at the core of what Ariel stands for, and we continue to find ways to drive conversations that can inspire more Filipinas to succeed in life. Ariel recognizes that Filipinas are now fearless in seeking new opportunities to propel them forward in life. This summit for women celebrates 100 fearless Filipinas who have demonstrated that fears are just stains that we have to be brave enough to remove. Be fearless like Ariel - tested and proven to remove 100 stains in 1 wash." - Louie Morante (Regional Communications Manager for Fabric & Home Care, Procter & Gamble Southeast Asia)

And demonstrated below is our shirts lined up in rows. The same shirts that had our fears stained on them is now washed away by Ariel. :)

The 10 female celebrity influencers :)
With some of my fellow 100 Fearless Filipinas - Shari, jackie and Pax :)

With Bianca Gonzales :)

The Wash Your Fears Summit seals Ariel's commitment to clean 100 stains in 1 wash. The power in every wash leads to a worry-free laundry experience, allowing women to have time for themselves and for the people around them.

Remove 100 stains in 1 wash and be fearless in facing any challenge that might come your way with the new Ariel. :) More information can be found on or follow the conversation online with the #Ariel100StainsIn1Wash hashtag.

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