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by - November 10, 2016

At the early age of 11 years old a.k.a. the year I entered 4th grade, I was already prescribed eyeglasses. I had a grade of 120 back then and it just progressed as I aged. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I love reading and now my job entails a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. Hence, eye glasses will always have a special place in my heart. I have been wearing prescription glasses my whole life and I seriously would not be able to function without my glasses. A simple task like preparing a meal would be a huge feat without them. 

Being a user of eyewear, I'm really glad that the choices nowadays are not limiting. I'm actually excited with the many designs available in the market and now, OWNDAYS, a Japanese eyewear brand has finally arrived in the Philippines. :)

OWNDAYS, one of the largest optical chains from Japan, launched at Estancia Mall and we were graced with the CEO of OWNDAYS, Mr. Shuji Tanaka and Mr. Vohne Yao, Managing Director of Sungears Sales Inc. :) 

"We have hundreds of styles, but function is always at the heart of every pair. We have 20 brands under OWNDAYS, and each brand has its distinct characteristics. At OWNDAYS, you'll discover an experience you won't get from any other optical store." - Mr. Vhone Yao

To be honest, I have been passing by OWNDAYS stalls at Glorietta and Landmark quite a few times and got curious. I thought they were initially a bit pricey, but now, I know what makes them totally different from the optical shops that I used to go to and how you will get value for your money. :)

Whenever you enter a traditional optical shop, doesn't it feel a bit limiting when you want to try a pair of sun glasses or eyeglasses, but you have to call the attention of the staff just to get it out of the glass case? You don't really have much freedom to choose various types or designs cos deep inside, you know that you would have to ask the staffs over and over again to get it for you. At OWNDAYS, they have a wide open store design and customers can touch and freely try the many frames laid out. In this case, it was so hard to choose which frame I wanted cos there were so many designs to choose from and they were all just there with no glass case or locks to stop me from trying x amount of glasses! ^_^

And with my many experiences in having prescription glasses made, what actually surprised me about OWNDAYS is that, starting at Php 2,990 - Php 6,990, you get your eyeglasses (lens included) and there is NO ADDITIONAL FEE for the ultra thin lens regardless of the high grade! I was absolutely blown away when we were told this. My current eye grade is 725 - pretty high and that would mean thick lenses, so before I when I would have my glasses made, the frame may be cheap, but it would cost a lot to have my lens in ultra thin. But my generous Mom always made sure I was comfortable and got me that. But at OWNDAYS, it's FREE! ^_^

After a long debate with myself and the many frames in my head, I decided on these two...

Once you've decided on your frame/s, you will be called in to have your eyes examined by their PRC Licensed Optometrists. They are able to increase efficiency and improve patient care through their latest technology in electronic refraction.

OWNDAYS lenses are aspheric/ultra thin and multi-coated equipped with UV, anti-reflective, scratch resistant and water repellant coating. Aspheric/ultra thin lenses achieve less distortion and a thinner edge making your eyeglasses lighter and more comfortable.

Your time is important to OWNDAYS

After having your eyes checked, you can bring home your pair of glasses in just 20 minutes! How amazing is that?? I always had to wait one or a few days to get my prescription glasses in the past. :)

OWNDAYS uses Nidek's LE-1200, top-notch equipment from Japan, which offers faster grinding capabilities and results to a shorter cycle time and a high luster finish. 

Alyssa with her pick!

Japan In Manila represent! With Ashley and Ana!

Despite already having picked out a frame, I was still trying more frames with the girls! >_< Haha! It was so hard to choose! So many design!

My old pair of glasses (before OWNDAYS) has gone through A LOT! I don't even know how it was able to survive. When Asher was just 2 years old, he actually broke the temples of my eyeglasses. :(((( He sweetly just wanted to open it for me, but since he's a baby he doesn't have much control and over estimated and snapped both temples. I literally just bawled! :(( I couldn't get mad at him, but felt so frustrated. Then, just a few months ago, it accidentally got sat on at a party! Huhuhu! The temples broke yet again and on both occasions, I just applied mighty bond to stick it back together. That's why I've been meaning to change my eyeglasses.

AIR Ultem. A frame weighing just 9.4 g and providing amazing flexibility - AIR Ultem is soft as feather and light as air! It is made of flexible, incombustible and heat-resistant material called “Ultem” which is used to make spare parts of spacecrafts and airplanes. The flexibility of AIR Ultem has passed the inspections based on Japanese Industrial Standards enduring pressure of over 10,000 times without distortion.  It has been proven to be very functional and perfect for daily use. With a variety of designs, in different shapes and colors, it is definitely a pair of the future!

annnnnd that's why when I saw this, I was like, "I wish OWNDAYS was here two years ago! Needed this in my life!" If you have a baby and scared for your glasses, go for this!

They also have of cute frames for kids. :)

I am so happy to finally get a new pair of glasses. Its long overdue! Also happy got my eyes checked. Its been one year since my last, so glad to know there my grade didn't really go any higher and no astigmatism! :) Without any bias, I can say that OWNDAYS really impressed me with their service. It's quick yet the quality isn't compromised. You have the best of both worlds - stylish pair and you get it fast!

At OWNDAYS, you'll discover an experience you won't get from any other optical store. Here, you can freely try any pair that will fit your lifestyle and have an awesome quality pair of eyeglasses in a snap! :)

Find your latest fashionable pair at any of the OWNDAYS branches: Glorietta 2, Robinsons Place Manila, U.P. Town Center, Landmark Makati, Festival Mall, Landmark Trinoma, Uptown Mall. SOON TO OPEN: Robinsons Galleria and Shangri-La Plaza this December!

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/owndays.ph/ or www.owndays.com/ph 
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