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by - December 06, 2016

The holidays can be busy and sometimes I don't know how we even survive it. But then again, there are people all around us that go out of their way to make Christmas more special for us. Who might they be? The Security Guard that greets you with a smile and 'good day' every time you enter an establishment. Your teachers that tireless teach you and give you unlimited advise or the Doctors and nurses that make sure you're in your best health. These are just some of the amazing people that truly gives more meaning to Christmas and gives it its spirit! 

With that, Coca-Cola Philippines held a Christmas concert last December 3, 2016 to give thanks and celebrate these heroes in our life. :)

We all know that Coca-Cola as a brand never fails to happiness, which is why this event was created for everyone to enjoy. The entrance was free, the coke was free flowing and amazing performances by bands and celebrities! :) Definitely an awesome treat and great way to start December!

The people who makes our Christmas special a.k.a. our Tagahatid Pasko... who are they for you? Personally, for me, it would be my family. My Lola who has taken care of me and children. I wouldn't know how I could go to events, work or school without her huge help. My Mother who has always supported me and my schooling. She pushed me to have an education despite having two kids already. Without her, I wouldn't be getting my diploma soon. My Husband who has always been my solid wall. He encourages me to be my best and inspires me to be better. Lastly, my children who gave my life so much more meaning and Christmas a lot happier! ^_^ Without these people, Christmas wouldn't be special at all. :)

 That night, there were performances by Gracenote, Gloc 9, Rico Blanco, Ylona Garcia, Bailey May, Nadine Lustre, James Reid and more! :)

Truly admire and salute our everyday heroes, like sales people, the police and waiters, who work overtime even on Christmas. Imagine being away from your family and still having that smile on your face and tirelessly, happily serving people around you. Just makes your heart full. :) THANK YOU!

Coca-Cola also set up different activities for people to enjoy, like putting your personalized 'Thank you' at their Message in a Bottle Station. :) They also had cute photo booths!

So, why not also show love or maybe share a bottle of Coke to the people who make sure to give you a very Merry Christmas! Give love on Christmas day! :)

Only 19 days till Christmas!!!

Artsy Ava

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