Feel Christmas With Favori

by - December 13, 2016

While many of us don't really pay attention to how our surroundings smell like, scent can be a very powerful emotional trigger. A certain kind of scent can bring back a certain emotion, remind us of a certain memory, or even create a certain feeling. This Christmas, #FeelChristmasWithFavori and #CreateYourFavoriteFeeling with an array of passionately handcrafted scents and aromas for living well. 

 I personally love turning my aerator on at night. :) It's just so relaxing after a hard day's work. Especially now with the extreme traffic! >_< It just completely helps change my mood. :) I get to go to bed with a happy disposition!

Watch FAVORI's holiday video with Angel Aquino here...

How about you? How do you create your favorite feeling? :) Share your favorite scents with your loved ones this holiday season! 

Visit https://www.facebook.com/favori.scents or www.favori.ph for updates and to see more of their products!

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