Miniso now open at SM FAIRVIEW!

by - December 24, 2016

When there's a new cute store opening, I am surely there! This is quite evident when I attended my first ever Miniso store opening at SM City Manila last month ---CLICK HERE to read. This time around, I found myself even in a farther place than that and it's all for the love of cuteness! Hello to new Miniso branch at SM Fairview! ^_^

Miniso has managed to open a total of seven stores this year and I feel very fortunate to have gone to two. :) SM Fairview is very far from my place, but I surely didn't want to miss out on this! I've been obsessed with their items and actually find the opening quite perfect for my Christmas shopping needs!

I don't know about you, but I think that no Miniso branch is exactly 100% the same when it comes to content. One branch can have this certain bag, but the other doesn't. Going there can sometimes be a surprise. :) In a good way!

But the fact doesn't change that, they have a lot to offer their customers. :) Again, I find myself in the kid section here and finally got my boys some neat toys! For only Php 99 and Php 199 each!

If you're not familiar with Miniso's pricing, their lowest item for sale is only Php 99! You can already get pans and pairs of socks for that price! Wow, right?? ^_^ 

For your children, nephews/niece, grandkids or kids at heart, like me! They have shelves filled up with the cuddliest stuffed animals. I couldn't resist and got myself one! :)

Art materials, party-needs, toys, beauty products, gadget accessories and more, they got it all for you at Miniso!

[Thank you to my friend Lexter Diolata for helping me take photos for this event!]

Can't help but feel envious at people living near Miniso branches! I want near us, please! Haha! I'll be there every day! =P

For your last minute shopping needs, drop by Miniso! Your one stop shop for everything! ^_^ 

Visit for updates!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Artsy Ava

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  1. Ang cucute huhu! Chineck ko lahat ng Miniso post mo checking lang if baka may featured kdrama stuffed toy hahaha (coz asa Goblin yun Miniso hahaha)


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