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by - February 21, 2017

There is nothing more close to my heart than art. I love anything and everything about it and every opportunity that I get to do art, I definitely will jump into that! Because you should always find the time to pursue your passion in life!

During the first week of February, I was invited by MOKU, a new stationery brand in the market to visit their store in San Juan. :) If you haven't seen my first blog post about them, click >> HERE << Of course, I was delighted and wouldn't miss the chance. :)

The MOKU store is filled with all things quirky and wonderful! The place has a minimalist design and it makes everything there pop-out. The art materials you'll find in the store are quite unique and items that I haven't spotted yet in other bookstores. :)

Just like the Magnetic Calendar! I think this is environment-friendly, because you don't have to keep ripping paper off calendars and you can just easily erase or edit if your schedule changes. They also have Magnetic bookmarks that is sleek and won't fall off so easy when you slip it in your book. :) 

Another thing that intrigued me is the Foldable Ruler that you can conveniently fold away when you need to keep it in your bag and it wouldn't poke or be bulky. Plus points, it also has a protractor! And for my favorite is the Pocket Scissors! My journaling friends and I have been looking for a pair of these since last year and so happy that the search is over cos MOKU has them in 4 designs! Perfect for traveling! ^_^

Some cool items that your kids will surely enjoy is their Electric Sharpener and Electric Stapler. :) They make the work load much easier and happier! Just look at how cute they are! My kids have the Rocket version at home and they can't stop sharpening pencils! Haha! A good encouragement to study, I guess! ^_^

More cool things...

I absolutely got surprised when I found out that they carry an Electric Eraser! Wow right! Now your hands won't get tired from endlessly erasing mistakes! :) Also, they have the cutest pairs of scissors around! I wish they had this when I was growing up in grade school! I also wouldn't mind having these now! Haha! Kid at heart. You can put name tags on them and they have animal versions! Totally adorable and functional!

And finally, my favorite section....

The Gel Crayon wall! :) They have 3 kinds - Gel Water Crayon, which you can easily turn into watercolor creations, Gel Crayon that blends amazingly well and finally their Gel Metallic Crayon that is great with black paper art!

The best thing about MOKU's store is that they don't just offer art or stationery supplies, but they also conduct art workshops or classes! :) 

The store is located at 172 A. Mabini St. Addition Hills San Juan City.  If you know CO/OP Coffee shop, it's near there. :)

Speaking of workshops, i'll also be conducting an Art Class with MOKU on February 25, 2017 at their store. If you have kids age 5-12 years old, please come by and join us for an art-filled afternoon! :)

I'll be teaching two activities and the art class is only for Php 600 and already inclusive of the art materials above! :) If you wish to join us, you can go to this link: and confirm your attendance. :)

I'm really hoping you can join us! :) See you there! To know more about MOKU, visit 

Artsy Ava

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