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by - February 27, 2017

Way before I ever got into K-Pop music, Korean Beauty and Korean Drama, I was already aware of the division and tension between North and South Korea. It was discussed in school sometimes and it  all began during World War II. Even if its been that long already, things haven't changed and it actually made me sad that even if they're a country, they are considered separate. Imagine the families that have to apart and having limited freedom to decide on things, especially their human rights.

Though that's the case, there a lot are still hoping for a united Korea someday. :)

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I haven't been to South Korea yet, but I heard that the image above is called the DMZ a.k.a. Demilitarized Zone at South Korea and the ribbons attached on the barbed fences are prayers for a unified Korea.  :'( I, too, pray for the same thing.

I personally believe that this unification isn't impossible. The Korean wave has a great impact on the youth today and it has gained many praises, love and enthusiasm from around the world. :)

This time around, the One K Global Campaign has come to Manila to spread the movement more...

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"Unifying Korea is about forging long-term peace and creating new opportunities in the peninsula, East Asia, and throughout the world. Bringing the two Koreas back together would be tough but we can and should make it happen." - In Teck Seo (Action for Korea United / AKU Co-Chairman)

To make the "One Korea" vision a reality, the One K Global Campaign taps on the sweeping effects of Hallyu or the Korean wave, which saw K-Pop music as a global phenomenon that the internet helped create. Through these artists, the One K Global Campaign hopes to spread the message through their music. :)

In 2015, more than 30 K-Pop artists supported the One K concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium. The concert featured the unification song, "One Dream, One Korea," which earned more than 13 million new YouTube impressions form over 200 countries.

This 2017, I think we are fortunate to be the first country to host a series of global tours for this campaign. Imagine, we are chosen for this concert tour to promote a wonderful cause. :) The next global tour will happen next in the US, India, Japan and 10 other countries.

The Manila leg will be happening on March 2, 2017 at the SM MoA Arena and I'm definitely excited for it! :) 

Speaking of unification, I just want to share a scene that I watched from Descendants of the Sun, wherein they were talking about the reunion of North and South Korean families that have been separated during the war. While watching that scene, it broke my heart and got me teary-eyed. I never really thought of that... how some families were torn apart during the war and they haven't had the chance to meet cos of the border and division. It must be so heart wrenching for them to not know how your family member is doing on the other side or to hug them. :(

There are more than 10 million individuals separated from their families, and the suffering of more than 25 million Koreans under a repressive regime. 

Even if it has been more than 70 years, I believe the one Korea dream is possible. :) To achieve peace is never far as long as we all want it. With the power of social media nowadays, we can at least try to spread more love around. :)

To join in the One K Global Campaign concert tour, go to https://smtickets.com and get your tickets! ^_^ Hope to see you there!

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