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by - March 27, 2017

Nothing beats my love for all things Korean right now that when I automatically get Korean related events, my answer is a big fat 'YES!' ^_^ K-beauty, K-Drama and even food is just irresistible to me. :) Which is why, I couldn't miss out on the official launch of Seol Bang, a dessert café that specializes in yummy bowls of Bingsu!♥

Bingsu is a very popular dessert in Korea and now that summer time is here, we all need to indulge ourselves with snowy bowls of Bingsu goodness! 

At Seol Bang, you can only expect the best as they serve mouthwatering treats that celebrate your life, your friends' and family! It's the kind of dessert that brings joy to sharing. :)

Since this is made for sharing, I brought Asher with me and I think he saw me taking so many photos of Bingsu that he decided to join in the fun! Look at him so proud showing his Bingsu photo on his iPad! ^_^

Seol Bang offers a variety of Bingsu flavors and we got to try four of them!

The Mango Cheesecake is their best seller.  I love the mix of mango, cheesecake and shaved ice! At Seol Bang, they also make sure they give you the freshest ingredients by baking their own cheesecake ! Yum! ♥ ^_^
Asher and I got to try Choco Fudge Brownie as well and it's our absolute favorite! Maybe cos the chocolate flavored shaved ice is just perfect!

Salted Caramel Cookie  - every single word you'd want to hear in a sentence! :)

The Triple Berry is a beautiful sight and definitely a spoonful of flavor!

They'll also be introducing some new flavors soon! Not sure when it will come out, but do watch out for these delicious Bingsu.

Seol Bang's bingsu is also very light and healthy with flavor choices that have fruits on them. You'll be craving for more and more. :)

My little Bingsu :)

Seol Bang offers more than just Bingsu, so it's the perfect place to just chill, hangout with your friends and snack. :)

Visit Seol Bang at 
2F Venice Grand Canal Mall, Mckinley Hill, Taguig

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