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by - April 13, 2017

Ever since I attended Art Fair last year for the first time (BLOG 1 | BLOG 2), I couldn't help but get excited for the next ones and I told myself that I would never miss a single event anymore. :) So, this 2017, I kept my promise and attended my second Art Fair with the Hubby and best friends again! ^_^ This should be a tradition already!

Art Fair Philippines goes on for four consecutive days and this year it was from February 16-19. :) Last year, I was able to go twice, but this year I only had the pleasure to go once. Nevertheless, it was still a wonderful experience!

I tend to get so hyped up with Art Fair, because you never know what you're going to see. It's like a surprise every year and there are two floors to get lost and immerse yourself in different kinds of art. :) Though, I must confess that last year is still my favorite, I did spot quite a few installations that I fell in love with. :)

I tend to stay at the Art Fair for hours. I never seem to get tired of everything even if I saw it already. :) I want to see it again and again! Especially the huge installations! It amazes me how the artists are able to create something so big and beautiful. :)

When it comes to art forms, I'm not into sculptures that much, but I appreciate them. :)

Abstract is my favorite kind of art. :) What's yours?

Secret Fresh was present at the Art Fair and absolutely love the works of artist Yeo Kaa.

Absolutely a beautiful mess! :) I initially got attracted to the colors that she used - bright and pastel!

Like I said, amazing installations! How can you not love these? I'm hoping that when my kids get a little bigger and less rowdier, I can bring them to Art Fair as well. They can learn a lot! ^_^

I adore these blank canvases. It makes you imagine what you can put inside those frames or just admire the simplicity of it. 

People flock the Art Fair all the time and it's nice to see how each person finds different kinds of art attractive. :) One might enjoy sculptures, the other might love the dark kind and the rest might enjoy all kinds. ^_^

And my favorite out of all the installations and artworks is Maria Jeona Zoleta.

Her mixed media installation definitely caught my eye and fancy. :) It's like a unicorn threw a party inside! My kind of art - a burst of happiness!

When my best friend Nix and I passed by this artwork, it didn't occur to us at first that it was a chalk board half erased. But of course, it sank it after a while and just had to take a photo with our backpacks! Missing high school! :)

Another favorite is the installation by Dex Fernandez and his Garanimation! I believe it was one of the most popular at the Art Fair cos the exhibit was always full and it was so hard to get a solo shadow shot with the animation. Thankfully, we were able to snap one or two good shots! Whew!

And that ends my Art Fair Philippines 2017 experience!:) Were you able to go too? How did you find it? I can't wait for Art Fair 2018!

Artsy Ava

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