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by - May 29, 2017

As a kid, I would always see my mom in the kitchen. She has a strong affinity for cooking and baking, so she always scouted for high quality when it comes to her stuff. One advice I strongly remembered from her is that, if I want something that would last me for a long time and give me great outputs, I should go for the best products, which is why Tefal was one of her go-to brands. :)

Some of you may know Tefal as a brand that sells pots and pans, but they are also a world leader in small domestic appliances and they have a new campaign called, "Live Healthy, Stay Happy." This aims to bring family and passion for healthy living together!

At the launch of the campaign, we got to experience the different appliances of Tefal and the first one was the TEFAL Irons and Garment Steamers. We all know that the iron is a definite home essential and with TEFAL innovations like its Durilium Soleplate Technology, it makes ironing less of a chore due to its smooth glide, so clothes can be ironed in half the time compared to other irons without it.

My fellow blogger Moms Ate Karina, Sarah and I were able to try the TEFAL Easygliss and I am absolutely in love with it! ^_^ It can iron effortlessly, so it doesn't exhaust my arm, unlike our previous iron that is super heavy and takes me forever to finish ironing one clothing! -_-

Next up, TEFAL's brand ambassador for domestic appliances and TV's Chef Next Door Chef Jonas Ng kicked off the "Live Healthy, Stay Happy" campaign by introducing its newest cookbook for happy and healthy eating - "TEFAL: Bringing Joy in Cooking."

"Even for pros, cooking at home can be a chore since we usually face the same limitations in our home kitchens such as lack of space, time and budget. I wanted to put together simple and quick recipes that are made for busy mothers and professionals who would rather spend their time enjoying, than preparing food. With the unique leverage that TEFAL appliances offer, you’re assured that you’ll be able to whip up amazing meals in half the time. Thus, TEFAL gives its users more time to spend with the family and other important things." - Chef Jonas Ng

Through his recipes and with the help of TEFAL appliances, Chef Jonas inspires all to choose healthier lifestyle by creating flavorful and nutritious dishes.

When you can’t get enough of your deep-fried picks such as French fries, sausages or fried chicken, TEFAL Fry Delight serves up the same fried taste and texture that you love, but with less oil. This low-fat fryer with Air Pulse Technology keeps food crisp on the outside and cooked tender on the inside, all while making usage and post-cooking cleanup fast and easy. 

The event was also graced by TEFAL’s Corporate Chef, Maria Sonia Astudillo. A proponent of healthy eating, she is the author behind TEFAL’s 2017 Summer Recipe book, Fruity Summer Fest – a collection of fruit smoothies, juices, skewers and dips recipes. 

"Just like in life, there are super, ordinary and awful fruit combinations. Some fruits click so well that aside from tasting good, they become easier to digest and friendlier to the stomach than others.” - Maria Sonia Astudillo

Understanding the limitations of the regular kitchen and the constraints that most individuals encounter on a daily basis, TEFAL has developed appliances that are innovative, efficient, and practical.  From Electrical Cooking, Food & Drink Preparation, to Linen Care and Home Care, TEFAL’s innovations will be redefining the Filipino home experience and bringing it to a new level.

TEFAL has so many more amazing appliances, like their TEFAL Microcomputer Rice Cooker that has 10 automatic cooking programs like a fun Cake function to make meal times more enjoyable and for the blenders, TEFAL offers various Blenders and Juicers. TEFAL Blenders’ innovative Tripl’Ax Technology maximizes the action of 6 blades with three combined actions -- Cyclone Booster, Extreme Mixing and Chunks Killer – to make a perfectly smooth blend. TEFAL’s Infiny Press Slow Juicer on the other hand, offers 35% more juice, 30% more Vitamin C and 75% more antioxidants than using traditional juice extractors to provide naturally genuine vitamin-packed and nutrient-filled juices.

Awesome, right??? ^_^

To help kick off a healthier, happier lifestyle at home, all TEFAL small domestic electrical appliances will be 20% OFF, from May 10-31, 2017. TEFAL Small Domestic Appliances are exclusively distributed by Collins International Trading Corporation in the Philippines. For more information about TEFAL promos and the “Live Healthy, Stay Happy” campaign, visit its Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tefalappliancephilippines. :)

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