UNIQLO UT Opens at SMMegamall!

by - May 08, 2017

I love Uniqlo and I can't say that enough! I think 50% of the clothes in my closet is from Uniqlo, because they have so many nice styles out lately and of course, you can't beat the comfort that they have to every single piece of clothing. Which is why, I'm so glad they finally opened UT at SM Megamall! :)

UT is a brand new section of the store that highlights the brand's latest UT collections.

If you've been to SM Megamall before, you would notice that there was a section of their store closed and I actually thought they were just plainly renovating. But turns out the new dedicated UT space will feature the entire Spring/Summer 2017 UT Collection, with 16 new graphic themes, and an array of authentic pop culture and art graphics from around the world. Highlights available at launch include:

Abstract Expressionist Futura, the art legend from New York, has created a collection for men and boys that presents a mature perspective of the New York art scene and which incorporates a logo and tag designed exclusively for UT by the veteran artist. 

ÉPICE Design
A collection for women, girls and babies also features content from ÉPICE Design, famed worldwide for its delightful floral print scarves. The new line up also highlights more playful items for family coordination fun.

The MICKEY BLUE UT collection features refreshing designs with Mickey Mouse art in an indigo blue dyed look inspired by West Coast beach. The collection comes in sizes for the whole family to enjoy.

KAWS x Peanuts
KAWS is loved around the world for his whimsical artistic aesthetic. His latest collection for UNIQLO pays homage to Peanuts, with a focus on Snoopy—one of the artist’s earliest subjects. The KAWS x Peanuts UT Collection celebrates this heritage through a reinterpretation of the beloved Snoopy character as “Joe KAWS” who appears throughout the new UT range.  

Other UT Collections that will be available in store include: The Brands, Marvel Collection, Star Wars, André Saraiva, Lego Collection, Capitol 75th, Rock Squad, Peanuts and Disney Minnie Mouse Love Dots' Collection. :)

With my fellow Uniqlo lovers! ^_^ Hello, Trice, Crissey and Sarah! :)

A few years ago I kind stopped wearing graphic tees, but lately I see myself on the lookout for really cool ones and spotted a lot at Uniqlo! The perfect expression of love for pop culture!

Trice on the lookout for some vintage band tees! :)

I wonder what Seph got? :) Any guesses?

Was so confused on which tee to get, but thankfully Sarah was there to help me out! :) If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I got this tee from the André Saraiva Collection! ^_^ Super cute!

Visit Uniqlo at SM Megamall to see more of their UT collection! 

For more information, visit  website at www.uniqlo.com/ph facebook.com/uniqlo.ph, twitter.com/uniqloph Instagram.com/uniqlophofficial
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