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by - August 12, 2017

Ever since I was a kid, my happy place was the bookstore or stationery stores. It gave me a different kind of adrenaline and bliss! My mom supported this addiction very much and would take me to stationery shops even during my summer vacations in Taiwan and that's how I became a notebook and pen hoarder. The end! Just kidding! Haha! :) Well, not the part that I love hoarding notebooks! Still applicable until this very day and I don't have to travel far just to get my fix of cute stationery!

Let me introduce you, guys a store here in Manila where you'll find things that will make your heart happy -  The Paper Stone!♥

The Paper Stone carries a wide variety of notebooks that would suit any need. Are you a writer? Hooked on journaling? Someone who loves taking notes in school? Or an artist who simply loves to draw or doodle randomly? All of those needs can be satisfied by this store and the best part about it is that, they have SO many designs to choose from as well! ^_^ I actually got confused on this part! Haha! Did I want something with quotes or patterns? Whew!

If you're like me who experiences writer's block from time to time, i'd like to think that a new notebook inspires me. It brings the "happy" back in writing for me. :)

Something that caught my attention while inside the store was their Philippines Collection!

Nothing beats supporting local! This can also be a great present to your foreign friends! :) A great way to let them have a glimpse of the beautiful things about the Philippines.♥

But The Paper Stone only doesn't offer notebooks, they also carry pens, stickers, bags and so much more! This is a haven for kids who want quirky school supplies too!

When I visited The Paper Stone, I was with my Mom that day and it was actually her before that noticed this cute store when we were strolling around the mall. :) She couldn't help but shop herself! She bought a few stickers and pens as gifts for the kids of her boss! Sweet!

This is her shopping! Haha! Just had to take a candid shot of her! >_<

This card truly captures my feelings about my Mom! =P

There were a lot of cute stuff, but here are some of my top picks from The Paper Stone....

A cute pen that can also be used for work or the office! This is refillable! :)

If you are not into notebooks, but forgetful and want your schedule on paper, you can get this weekly planner that you can easily detach and take the sheet with you! :)

This notebook spoke to me so much. Maybe cos of the artsy theme! 

If you want something minimalist, this is perfect! :)

The Paper Stone is also having a sale until August 13, 2017 - Sunday! Time to visit the nearest store and enjoy up to 50% off!

Visit them at the following branches: Alabang Town Center, SM North Edsa Annex, Solenad 3 3 Nuvali, Gateway Mall, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, Ayala Centerio CDO, and UP Town Center. :)

Absolutely happy I got to visit The Paper Stone! Can't wait to go back and get myself more adorable notebooks! :) Will also post my haul on my Instagram, so do watch out for that!

For more information, visit :)

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