ARTSY AVA IN JAPAN - Day 4 Kon'nichiwa, Tokyo!♥

by - September 26, 2017

Our fourth day in Japan wasn't too eventful, but it was still a day well spent. :) 

From our AirBnB in Namba, Osaka, we rode the train going straight to Shin-Osaka Station so that we could catch a bullet train heading to Tokyo Station. 

There are a few ways to get to Tokyo from Osaka and that would be via plane, bus or bullet train. Going on a plane ride is expensive and the bus will be a long travel for my grandmother (around 6 hours, I believe?), so the best choice was to go via the high speed shinkansen a.k.a. bullet train. :) It's the fastest and most convenient and comfortable way, in my opinion cos I actually slept like a baby! >_< Haha! Another reason why we chose the train over bus is, because we didn't want to waste any time of day and wanted to maximize every hour that we could. Leaving Osaka in the morning meant that we would arrive in Tokyo just in time to check-in our AirBnB in Tokyo! ;)

For people who have the Japan Rail Pass, you can also use that to ride the shinkansen. But for those who don't have, you can purchase a one way ticket for 13,620 Yen

Our seemingly happy train guy! ^_^

With my Mom and Lola! :)

There are three kinds of train on the Tokaido Shinkansen line - the Nozomi, Hikari and Kodama. Each train would take you to Tokyo, but it just differs in some way. We chose a no reservation type of seats, because it was less expensive than the one wherein you could pick your seats. We rode the Nozomi and it's the fastest one since it got us to Tokyo Station in just 3 hours. :)

Like I mentioned above, I slept hard on this ride cos we were still tired from our previous adventure at Nara and Kyoto the day before and I'm usually on the prowl for locations, so this was the only time I could rest soundly. :) But I did catch a lovely view when I slightly woke up for a stretch...

I believe this was when we were about to stop at Kyoto Station? If I'm correct, this would have to be the five-storied pagoda of Ninna-Ji? Though, please correct me if I'm wrong since I actually wasn't able to visit this temple during our Kyoto trip. :) It was nice to have a glimpse though!

Finally after another short snooze, hello Tokyo!!! ^_^ 

From here, we had to make a short train ride to Shinagawa Station, so that we could get to Keikyu-Kamata Station where our AirBnB was located. :) The travel was only 26 minutes!

Our cozy yet cute AirBnB in Tokyo! :) 

Again, I was fortunate that our second choice of AirBnB was still cute! Our Osaka AirBnB had a cute wallpaper + carpet! While this, as soon as we got out of the elevator and I saw this pink staircase in front of our space, I knew I had to take my OOTD! Haha! I love that both places had its own quirk! ♥ :)

We arrived at Tokyo around 4PM already and since it was still quite a tiring day for us, we just decided to do a little grocery shopping for our 4 day stay in Tokyo and have dinner. :)

Unlike our Osaka AirBnB, we didn't have a grocery nearby. Thankfully, Tokyo was so much better!

One of the things I miss about going to Taiwan every summer was the cute packaging and yummy drinks! Fortunately, Japan is kawaii land and I got the chance to have my favorite milk tea + drinks again even if a Taiwan trip is still quite far. :)

Can Manila have these cute foodies as well?? It would make my bento dreams come true and much easier! Haha! :) 

Every food item is also very fresh! It isn't hard to eat healthy in Japan! :) Hello to more cute packagings! 

While buying bread, I spotted these cute sea critter themed pastries! Waaaah! Can I just take them home and not eat them? Haha! =P

At last dinner! A restaurant that we just stumbled upon while strolling around the neighborhood of our AirBnB and it was so techie! We ordered our food via the machine above and immediately, the waiter knew what were gonna get as soon as we sat down. :) I believe this was a 540 Yen meal and it was good! :)

That's it for Day 4! If you want to read about our Day 1 to 3, feel free to click >>>HERE<<<


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  1. hi ms ava, hope you can share the airbnb where you stayed in tokyo. thank you so much.


    1. So Sorry for the late reply! wasn't able to check my comment sections for awhile! :( But here's the link: :)


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