Uber: #KayoRinPo ♥

by - October 05, 2017

Ever since Uber started driving here in the Philippines, I have felt so safe and never worry about getting to my destination on time or my bill sky rocketing. They have been really dependable and make my commuting days so much easier. :) I am in the comforts of being in a clean car, courteous drivers, getting the exact change and good service. :)

After all the good that Uber drivers have done for me, do you know that each driver has a story too?

Sharing my particular ride today with Kuya Erick!

Was rushing to work this afternoon, so I went on to book an Uber and got Kuya Erick as my driver. He was very polite when I told him the exact place where to pick me up and I need not stress about him finding me exactly where I was. :) As soon as I got in the car, I felt a nice vibe about it, so decided to chat with him. Found out that he actually worked in a government office before, but he quit his job, because of all the stress. We all know how stress eats up your system and affects your overall health. :( So, now he's driving for Uber cos it's not stressful and he even gets more time for his family while providing their needs. ♥ :)

I really salute all the hardworking drivers out there who try to balance everything for the sake of their loved ones or family. :)

Hoping we can all convince Uber to do something nice for all our drivers and their families! #KayoRinPo, Kuya Erick! San matulungan financial needs ng family mo! ^_^


Recently, Uber released a touching new video that gave its viewers a new perspective on things. The latest video features three incredible stories of drivers who have also become inspirations to their riders. :) 

The particular image you see above is, Angela Gina Go...

Being a kidney-transplant patient is not easy. For 5 years now, Angela has had to cope with a body that is trying to adapt to a new orgran. Medicines don’t come cheap, and in her case, sets her back PHP600 a day. Because of her special situation, Angela wanted to find a source of income that is flexible, and would allow her to rest when she needed to. When she learned about Uber, she thought it would be a perfect match.

Aside from the flexible hours, Angela loves driving with Uber because she gets to interact with different types of people. Being a girl, she often gets asked about why she chose to do what she does. For her, it’s a great jumping point to  engaging in meaningful conversations with her riders. It is through these conversations that she comes to care for her riders, taking great measure to ensure that they get to their destination safe and on time. 

The three drivers are just a few of the thousands of drivers partnered with Uber, and I'm sure you've encountered some of them too. :) The next time you ride an Uber, take a minute to appreciate them, and maybe share their stories to inspire others too. It only takes one act of kindness to brighten someone's day. ^_^

With all our worries, challenges and stresses in life, I'm glad that having Uber makes the hustle and bustle of daily life so much easier! Thank you!!♥♥♥

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