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by - November 11, 2017

Every single time that I pass by the LUSH store inside the mall, I am reminded of a few things and one of them is my Mom. The strong scent of their products trigger memories of Christmas and how I would often give her favorite soap 'karma' as a present. :) It's her ultimate favorite! 

Another thing that I am reminded about LUSH is how eye-catching their products are and they're not just that, but they're also so many other things - cruelty free, promotes ethical buying, handmade, 100% vegetarian and recyclable packaging.♥

I'm sure a lot of you love these about them too and you're gonna love them even more as they've come up with more ways promote zero waste and the cutest Christmas products this holiday season!

LUSH is a brand known to care about packaging a lot. By that, I mean, they want to lessen their need for it as much as they can and 35% of their products are actually package-free a.k.a. NAKED! But for other products that they can't avoid packagings on, they make sure it's recyclable to give more love for mother earth. :)

But the brand just keeps on innovating and now, even shower gels and body conditioners can be naked/unpackaged! :) How?? Make them solid! Naked products like body butters are formulated with little to no water and are therefore often innately self-preserving. By replacing the water content with ingredients that remain solid at room temperature, like Fair Trade cocoa butter, bacteria growth is inhibited and stays that way. Hence, LUSH gives you packaging-free versions of almost all their products and lets you have a waste-free holiday!

Got to attend their Christmas launch last Tuesday and it was such a joy to see their new products!

Nothing more festive than these adorable bath bombs, soaps and bath melts! :) Aside from giving these as Christmas gifts, I think these would also make a great stocking stuffers, right? ^_^

The bottle-like (berry berry christmas | santa's christmas | twilight) bars that you see are actually the shower gel and cream that LUSH has managed to turn naked! No need to package these anymore, unlike most of the liquid shower gels we see. :) Same with the pot-like bars (snow fairy), it's their naked version of the body conditioner! :) Super cool!

More Christmas products from LUSH! Their soaps are truly the cutest! I wanted to take home every single one! If only I could! Haha! But seriously, I couldn't think of another brand that is as amazing as LUSH when it comes to coming up with new products. They put so much heart and artistry to it.

Now, from naked products, we move on to NAKED GIFTS this 2017...

LUSH teaching us how to beautifully wrap our gifts with fabrics :)

Yes, truly, packaging is such a huge factor and significant thing during Christmas and we can't avoid wrapping gifts, because where's the element of surprise in that if we don't wrap them? Plus, it's more festive when beautifully packaged. :) With LUSH, they try to lessen the waste by introducing their larger Knot Wrap collection for customers who want a more bespoke gifting experience. :) Best part, these are reusable even if Christmas is over! You can use it to wrap all kinds of presents for any occasion or even use it as a head scarf! The possibilities are endless!

They've also come up with tin cans, cute boxes and if you really must use wrappers, they have the good old traditional paper. :)

I personally would love a knot wrap, if ever given a LUSH present. ^_^

Scents and perfumes is what LUSH does best and with that, they've relaunched their fine fragrance collection last September 2017 with a brand new look and a launch of a new collection, Volume IV.

This would definitely be an exquisite gift to your family or friends who love collecting perfumes. :)

At the Christmas launch, we also got to try our hand at making bubble bars and bath bombs!

This is my very own DIY Christmas Eve Bubble bar! :) Not bad for a beginner! I wonder if I can work at LUSH someday? ;) I think I would totally enjoy that!

Like I mentioned above, there are so many cute products that I love from LUSH, but if I would have to trim it down, these would have to be my top picks...







Can't get enough of them! :) Also, I need a bathtub in the house before I even want a bath bomb! >_<


Did you know that LUSH gives 100% of the purchase price from the Charity Pot to support humanitarian, environmental and animal rights causes? :) Truly a company that goes way beyond trying to earn a profit. 

I truly have nothing but praises for LUSH and with their handmade, package-free and cruelty-free products, what more could you ask for? :) It's beyond what any consumer could ever need!

So, if you're still looking out for Christmas presents, you know which store to hit up next! :)

Had an amazing fun time at the launch! Who knew I could ogle at soaps so much??♥♥♥

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