Day 1 in Busan South Korea: Pojangmacha!♥

by - December 30, 2017

Never in my wildest dream did I think that I would be able to go to South Korea anytime soon. It has been one of my dream destinations since I started getting hooked on Kdramas and I thought I would be able to go sometime next year or the year after that. I really didn't know when. But this surprise trip was incredibly amazing until now I'm still not over it! :) I want to share with you, guys every single day of it!

For now, it's Day (1) one! ^_^

The moment I found out I was going to South Korea courtesy of Korea Manila Tourism Organization (KTO), I was beyond ecstatic and a little nervous since this was my first trip on my own without family, so I was anxious who I was going to be roommates with or was I going to have a friend there? All I knew was bloggers were invited. But a week before the trip, I found out that my good blogger friend Sarah was also going and we immediately sealed the deal on being travel buddies! :)

*Photo from Sarah*

Our total stay in South Korea was 5 days and for two days, we stayed in Busan (formerly known as Pusan), the second most populated city after Seoul. We arrived at Lotte Hotel in Busan at around 9:00PM and our room was really nice and well heated up! It was freezing cold when we arrived at the airport ~ -1 degrees to be exact! >_<
After checking in and settling in our room, we all headed down to look for a place to eat since we were still feeling hungry despite eating on the plane.

The first place we spotted or rather lured into was a Pojangmacha (tented wagon). The oh-so-famous street tents that you see in your favorite K-drama actor/actress drinking unlimited soju!

We were a total of 9 eating inside the tent and since we weren't really familiar with the menu, we allowed the owner of the stall to pick for us and some of her suggestions were noodles, chicken, rice, kimchi and pajeon - Korean pancake. :) Yummy!!

Everything was super good! The next time I go back to South Korea, I would actually like to try this again. Per person we were charged around Php 476 and given how much we were served, I think it was fair. :)

There are also a lot of other street foods that you can spot in the streets of Busan at night. :)

Of course, a quick run to the convenience store! Must try the Banana milk!♥

There were a lot of restaurants near our hotel and I believe a mall too! :) Our first night in Busan was definitely spent well! Can't wait to share Day 2!

Thank you so much again to Korea Tourism Organization Manila and Philippine Airlines for flying us to South Korea!♥ 

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