Fern-C Kidz: Holiday Health Buddy

by - December 19, 2017

When the wonderful time of year is just around the corner, we all get busy preparing for it and wanting everything merry for our family and friends. :) But the worst thing that can happen in the middle of all the happy festivities is getting sick. 

This holiday season, we should all take extra precautions to make sure that we protect our family, especially our kids, from catching infectious diseases. It's always a delight to see our kids enjoying in their healthiest state. So, boost their immunity up with FERN-C Kidz!

The benefits of FERN-C Kidz...

FERN-C Kidz uses Sodium Ascorbate, the non-acidic form of vitamin C. This makes FERN-C Kidz less acidic as compared to other vitamin C's available in the market. Moreover, based on the National Center for Biotechnology Information's vitamin C studies, Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C is more reactive in building connective tissues and antibody structures, enabling the vitamin C to be well and easily absorbed by the body; therefore allowing your kids to reap the benefits of vitamin C.

FERN-C Kidz is also formulated with Zinc which further builds their resistance from illnesses and common diseases. Zinc is also essential for their growth, sensory and cognitive development.

FERN-C Kidz comes from the makers of FERN-C - the number one Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C brand in the Philippines. It is also the only vitamin C syrup that has the Quali-C seal, which stands for world class quality.

The best part is that, your kids will surely love to drink their vitamin C cos of the delicious orange flavor! :) Now, with the combination of Vitamin C and Zinc in every bottle of FERN-C Kidz, your kids will have boosted immunity everyday and this holiday season - the perfect holiday health buddy! :)

May you all have a Happy Christmas!

FERN-C Kidz is available in drugstores, supermarkets and FERN Kiosks nationwide! 

Price: Php 62 /60mL bottle | Php 119 / 120mL bottle

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/fernckidz/ :)

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  1. Joined po. This is very good for the kids especially pabago bago ang panahon ngayon


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