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by - December 15, 2017

When I was growing up as a child, watching television was a big part of my everyday routine. Whether I was eating my breakfast, chilling at home or even multitasking, I would definitely have the TV on. I was such a TV addicting. But when the internet happened, I found myself almost never having the need to open the TV cos I could find everything that I need online. Plus, the fact that my kids never let me watch anything on the telly but cartoons! >_< haha!

So, if you are like me, who has a great passion for TV series, you would surely enjoy the newest and coolest thing from Globe!

If you are already a Globe At Home subscriber, you're lucky! Cos they're giving Filipinos even more ways to enjoy the latest entertainment with the new Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered device. :) It's the first of its kind in the Philippines and it allows users to watch a variety of content across 100+ free channels in different categories, like sports, lifestyle, travel and more. :)

Globe Streamwatch is a portable streaming stick, allowing consumers to use it on different TVs in the home, in a friend's home or even at a hotel! Talk about chill, ya? ^_^

It comes with a simple remote control with dedicated buttons for Netflix, Disney Channel Apps, YouTube, and HOOQ. From the channel store, users can choose from an additional 100 streaming channels to add to their personalized home screen. You can download the Streamwatch app for FREE on Google Playstore and App Store to convert mobile phones to a remote.

Globe At Home customers can watch the latest season of Netflix's original series using their Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered device. :) Being the binge watcher that I am and a huge Netflix fan, you are assured that this device is overused! >_< Are you like me too? Haha!

There are also times that we encounter a glitch on our cable provider, so during these times, Globe Streamwatch to the rescue for my kids! It saves them from boredom. ;)

My youngest son Asher is already so addicted to Netflix. I often download shows for him when I bring him to my events, so he wouldn't get bored. :) Now, even without my mobile phone, he can enjoy it at the comforts of our home. Just plug it to our TV!♥

The Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered device is exclusively available through Globe At Home broadband plans 1299 and up for an introductory offer of an additional Php 50 for 24 months or a one-time payment of Php 999. The plans also comes with (3) three-month access to top streaming services. :)

No cable? No problem! Just get yourself the new Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered device like us!

Globe Streamwatch can be best enjoyed with a Globe At Home plan. To know more and order the new Globe Streamwatch, visit shop.globe.com.ph/streamwatch.

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