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by - January 22, 2018

If you're into watching Cartoon Network, you're surely familiar with We Bare Bears. It was actually my kids who introduced me to this particular cartoon show and without any doubt, it is the cutest one and my favorite second to Adventure Time! ^_^

Last year around April, I encountered a collaboration between We Bare Bears and Miniso through a friend of mine - The Rebel Sweetheart - This was purely on the side of beauty products and it was sold in Thailand. I totally freaked, of course at the obvious cuteness! I was dying to know when our Miniso here in the Philippines would carry the merchandise. FINALLY! After waiting for months, we now have the We Bare Bears stuff here and I'd like to share with you my finds. :)

I'm sharing with you, guys the stuff that they have available there, because I heard that they easily get sold out. So, I normally try to visit different branches just to see if there's a variety. Plus, I've been getting a lot of questions about the specific branches I went to and the prices. I'll try to note them as best as my memory serves me. :)

Oh and if you're not on the We Bare Bears bandwagon yet, watch this to understand the cuteness...

Serious C-U-T-E!! ♥ Will be saying that a lot in this post!

The first branch I ever went to was SM North EDSA because when Miniso first announced the availability of the items, they directly mentioned that branch. :)

Php 99 each 

The USB cables are only available for Android phones. :)

Php 179

Php 179 - comes in two

Phone cases are around Php 179

I was hoping that I would immediately find the cute plush toys at this branch, but sadly, they were sold out and I was quite bummed cos I went all the way there. Though it was instantly replaced with happy thoughts just seeing all the other stuff there! ^_^

Unfortunately, I have a bad case of memory gap, so I cannot remember the exact prices. But with Miniso, prices go from Php 99 to 400 depending on the item. :)

I'm no quitter when I'm on the hunt for something and fortunately my son Asher was also a trooper in helping my find the plush toys since he also wants them! >_< So, next branch was a little close to home - SM Makati!

We found the plushies! It was like striking gold! But the only sad part was, we lacked Panda. :( They only had a stock of Grizz and Ice Bear. Not bad though! For now, we're still on the lookout! :) 

I also spotted ADORABLE socks and cute soup bowls! :) 

I saw these stocks last year around December 2017. Since then, I know they've added more to the We Bare Bears collection, so I went to Glorietta and SM Makati to check and here's what I found...

They have more beauty related products, stationery and even power banks to the line up! You can purchase individual sheet masks too! Buy 2 for Php 119. :) The notebooks are Php 119 each too!

This really caught my fancy! What a CUTE rug! Got one for only Php 179. :)

I saw this huge stacked We Bare Bears at SM Megamall. :)

And those were the specific stores that I was able to visit! As for my hauls, here they are...

I'm amazed that they're really stackable! We want Panpan!! Please anyone update us if you see any branch that has him! ^_^ SRP is Php 399!

Soup bowl for the kiddos! :) Php 179 ~

These cute plush keychains were also difficult to find. When I first went to SM Makati last December 2017, I didn't spot them hanging anywhere, so I thought it was another failed search for me. But luckily, there was a staff arranging a keychain rack and I asked her if they have any stock.... JACKPOT! It pays to ask! She had them in a basket and was in the process of putting them on the rack! ^_^ Yey! Right now though, they don't have it again. :(

SOCKS! ^_^ How can you not love these??♥♥♥ You can even go matchy-matchy with your best friends! It comes in two pairs. :)

Got this cute backpack for my son Athan! Price is Php 399

Also got myself a case! This is actually my first ever iPhone 7 case!♥

The cutest gadget accessories for Php 179! :) 

The individual sheet masks that I was talking about above! :) Get any 2 design for only Php 119! They also have their detailed use - for hydrating, moisturizing and Deep Soothing. 

That is my current We Bare Bears haul! To be honest, it's still not complete as I would like it to be... haha! I still want a certain notebook that I didn't find today. Let's see on my next visit! :) 

Hope you, guys enjoyed this post! Head on to your nearest Miniso frequently to get updated with the stocks! You never know when they might restock! ;) 

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/minisophilippines/ ♥

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  1. Megamall has all the plushies! Just saw them this afternoon :)

  2. San po ba meron madaming stock ng we bare bears?


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