Taiwan: LINE Friends Café & Store + Jamie Oliver Restaurant!

by - May 09, 2018

If you read my Taiwan Day 1 post, you would have seen that I posted about things to do around Taipei 101 Station, but the ATT 4 FUN mall is just one of those things cos if walk a few kilometers or ride a taxi, you would spot the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall nearby. :) It's another mall that you can find within Taipei 101 Station and I think this is also a great place for fellow millennials who like the trendiest things or cute stuff!

For some reason when I try to Google the exact distance of ATT 4 FUN to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, it seems quite far, like you would have to taxi it or something. But, we were able to walk it.. masipag lang ata kami! Haha!

The area is also pretty busy, but I like how busy it feels! Reminds me of night markets, but only this I'm surrounded by malls. :) The area also has other malls, aside from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, in case you want to explore or wander around this part of the city. 

So, the main reason why we were at the mall is cos we met up with my Mom's boss and had a little pre-birthday dinner celebration. It was my birthday the following day. :) 

What better way to have my birthday salubong, than in one the best resto's in Taipei...

JAMIE OLIVER (Jamie's Italian)

I grew up with my Mom practically glued to the TV to watch Jamie Oliver in cooking channels and she collects his cook books too (I can't even remember how many she has! LOL!), so when she kept raving about his new restaurant in Taiwan, I knew I wanted to try it as well. :) So thankful that she also waited for me to try it out! ^_^ Plus, I'm sure my mom, always knows the best places to eat!

Sorry if the food make you hungry! >_< Haha!

Instead of watching him on TV and drooling over his dishes, I finally got to try some of his food and they did not disappoint! :) Ana and I are such foodies and even if she's vegetarian, I practically love to eat what she does, so we ordered truffled pasta + pizza, and OMG! The most unforgettable caesar salad with feta! ^_^ 

The price range of the dishes start around NT$ 400-500 = Php 700-800. :)

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei A11
3F, No.11, Songshou Rd.
Xinyi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

Hoping to dine here again when I come back to Taiwan! :)


At the ground floor of the mall, we spotted this super cute LINE Friends Café & Store. :) If you saw my South Korea travel post, you would know that I'm kind of crazy for this, so I asked my Mom and Ana to stop for a while, so we could look around and I also wanted to try the café! 

Everything here is so cute!! ^_^ The drink I got is pretty good! It's called Pink Butterfly, but I was joking to Ana that it should be called Purple cos it looks purple to me! >_< haha!

The place was just bursting with cuteness! :) My kind of store! And of course, it's pink!

Posing with Choco! :) 

So, this whole thing is supposedly in the theme of Choco's house. If you're familiar with LINE Friends characters, there's Brown, Cony, Sally, Moon, Jessica, James, Leonard, and Choco. :)

The other stores you can find inside Shin Kong Mitsukoshi...

That's it! :) More Taiwan posts coming up! Next is our Taichung adventure! :)

For now, if you want to read my other Taiwan posts, click here: https://www.artsyfartsyava.com/search/label/taiwan.♥

Artsy Ava

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  1. thanks for sharing and bringing us to your trip hehhehe i love this blog esp travel and foodies and all the lovely place na pwde pang ig pic


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