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by - July 03, 2018

I mentioned on the blog before how I love taking my kids to different activities every summer vacation and we try to switch it up a bit yearly. :) Last May, we decided to go on a road trip and go somewhere we've never been before and that's Paradizoo in Tagaytay. I've always wanted to bring the boys to a petting zoo, but never really found a nice one here in Manila. 

I didn't have any expectations for Paradizoo cos it was our first time and I really didn't want to get bummed out. Normally, when you have expectations and it doesn't add up, it bites! I told myself that I would try to make the most out of it, whether it looked nice or not. :)

So, i'll be sharing with you, guys our firsthand experience at Paradizoo and let you be the judge if it's worth the trip or not. :) But if I could describe this trip of ours, I would say that it was happiness for me. A day without worries and seeing the boys enjoy everything was just bliss!

In all honesty, it's very difficult for us to wake up super early on weekends, so for this trip, we already got to Tagaytay around 2PM and at Paradizoo at exactly 3:00PM. We didn't worry much cos they closed at 5:00PM, so we had enough time!


Php 199/ Adult | Php 149/ Child 3ft-4ft | FREE - below 3ft

The moment we got in, the first thing we got lured into was the Farm Frenzy area. They had more animals than I expected and not the usual ones you would see at petting zoos. :) Best part is, we get to see them up close and feed them too! ^_^

The food that you'll be feeding animals isn't inclusive with the entrance fee. This is separate, but for only Php 100, you would already be given a bundle! With this, you can already feed almost all the animals inside the zoo. :) But if you're just like us who loves feeding these adorable creatures, you would probably buy food 3x haha! >_< So worth it!!

But my ultimate favorite to feed is this cutie camel! We called it Llama! Haha! My son kept mistaking it for a Llama, so that's what we called it! =P

It was our first time to see a camel in person and this close too! We got to pet it and feed it. :) We kept coming back to feed it and it was aggressive with food every single time! There are two camels inside Paradizoo, in case you're wondering! ;)

Other animals we got to see, feed and interact with...

Some of the animals were in their respective cages, while the others were freely roaming the farm. I believe Paradizoo also breeds their own animals, which is why they have so many of them. 

I just have things that I want to point out at this place -  I hope they can clean the cages regularly, because given how many animals they have, obviously they would poo a lot too. To maintain the good health of these guys, you would need proper sanitation. Also, I noticed they don't have much water for the animals, so I hope they put that and make sure it's clean and changed often. :)

Another favorite of mine and mostly the kiddos were the Love Birds!

Among my two kids, my son youngest Asher is the biggest fan of animals. Huge animal lover! He never gets scared no matter how big animals are. It's so lovely to see him enjoy the company of the Love Birds who will come at you non-stop if they sense you have food haha! ^_^ My eldest Athan is more of the reserved one and he hesitated so much, to the point that he waited outside the cage. But after much convincing and telling him that i'll just be there to guide him. He overcame his fear and actually wanted to come back again! :)

On a side note, I never knew Love Birds were this adorable and friendly!

After our time with the animals, we decided to explore the area a bit and to my surprise it was quite big. The first zoo here that I encountered with more to offer than just seeing animals. :)

The Eclectic Garden / Flower Garden

We roamed around and saw a variety of colorful flowers. :) A great place to just relax and enjoy the beauty of mother nature! This is one of the things that I didn't expect about Paradizoo, so it was a happy sight! Expect the unexpected!

One side of the zoo that made us sad...

The Pet Cemetery. :( My kids kept asking me why they died or why they were there and they also felt sad that these creatures passed on already. But it's nice that they have a place in the zoo to commemorate them.

Honey Bee Farm / Butterfly Farm

The Honey Farm and Butterfly Farm is another part of the zoo that you have to pay for. But if I remember correctly, it was just Php 10 or Php 20 per person? 

We got to see the worker bees in action, where they lived and even butterflies up close! My brave Asher as usual, didn't get scared and presented his hand the moment the tour guide asked if he wanted to touch the caterpillar! >_<

We learned on our little tour that some butterflies only live up to a month. :( But at least we get to witness their beauty!

Vegetable Garden / Fruit Garden

Along the trail, we also spotted a vegetable and fruit garden! :) They had pineapple, peppers, tomatoes and more. :) Though, I wish the vegetable area was more taken care of? Some of them were already sinking and looked miserable on the ground. :( But I figured, it could be the weather too. The scorching heat could have contributed to it. 

Ended our adventure at Paradizoo at exactly 5:00PM and I would say 2 hours was just enough. We were able to see everything and luckily, there wasn't an influx of people, so we got to enjoy the place without bumping into anyone. :)

Hoping to come back again soon or explore the other theme parks of theirs! They have Zoobic Safari, Zoori, Zoocolate Thrills, Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Zootopia! Though I know the others are far already, but someday!

*Disclaimer: this isn't a sponsored post! We really went here for the kids*

If you're curious or wanna plan a trip here as well, visit for more information. :)

All in all, I would give our visit a rate of ♥♥♥ out of 5! 

OPEN: 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Sunday
ADDRESS: Km. 63 Panungyan Mendez Cavite

After our fun day, we ended it by having dinner at Bag of Beans, which was also quite near. 

The Hubby recommended we eat here since he already tried it before with the kiddos. But it was my first time and certainly won't be the last! The aesthetic of the place is on point! Love everything and the food is delicious! Average price of the food is Php 200-500. :)

Glad my family and I got to do this! I can't wait to find more places to visit next summer!

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