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by - September 24, 2018

As a kid, I'm sure most of us grew up with Star Margarine and having it on hot pandesal in the morning or your mom might have used it in her cooking. There are just so many ways to use it. But now, my kids have another ways to enjoy Star Margarine and that's through their newest App that is interactive, fun and where my Star Kid can go on adventures! :)

My son Asher and I always enjoy a good bonding time and even though I limit his screen time, I still allow him from time to time to play with the tablet, but provided that what he plays or sees is also a learning experience for him. :)

The Star Margarine App is not only a good way for Asher to love reading, but it also reminds him how important it is to eat well, so he can be strong, tall and more! The app also talks about friendships, so that's also a good value for him!

If your kids are into Star Margarine + dinosaurs then they will also surely love this. :) It has different themes or adventures and all throughout your son/daughter will be this cute dino!

The app is really easy to use! All you have to do is head on to STARMARGARINE.COM and you'll be asked to sign-up. It's easier if you have Facebook and you can just login through that. :) Once signed in, you can already star in a Dino-reffic Story book with your child! ^_^ That quick and easy!

Hope you can also share your fun adventures online by using the hashtag #MyStarKidAdventure! Would love to see it too!
For more information, visit :)

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  1. Not just mama used this in cooking before, minsan ako din �� Gusto ko ung amoy kasi and even sa toasted bread. Downloading this na�� I want this Dino-reffic Story book for my kids��


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