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by - October 03, 2018

Ever since I became a mom, I learned that practical choices make the best ones. As the person who often makes the decisions of what to buy, I have to be smart. Whenever we buy school supplies, clothes or even grocery items, I always go for quality and affordability. :) 

A few weeks back, I was able to attend a GOYA event together with my fellow moms and there we learned about their GOYA Double Hazelnut Spread and heard inspirational talks from Kelly Misa, Lourd Ramos, Chef AJ Reyes (Privatus) and Camille Prats.

GOYA has a wide variety of products and my family has grown to love them for their high quality taste and has a good price. :) The only problem I have with GOYA is, how to hide it from my kids! >_< Once they start eating their favorite GOYA Quadros, GOYA Malt Crunch and GOYA Bits Minis they don't stop! Haha!

Kelly Misa shared with us her smart parenting tips, Lourd Ramos shared his experience in beauty and wellness, Chef AJ talked about practical and innovative food preparations and Camille Prats talked about her personal family life and motherhood. :)

GOYA Double Hazelnut infused food made by Chef AJ of Privatus. :)

GOYA DOUBLE HAZELNUT SPREAD is a premium brand of hazelnut spread made in Germany. It is double the hazelnut content at 13% which gives it that rich hazelnut goodness that you can enjoy

My boys really love hazelnut spread and there was a time that we used brand x cos it was what we were used to and we trusted the taste, so even if it was on the pricey side, we went for that. Up until we ran out of brand x and decided to give the GOYA Double Hazelnut Spread and happy to report, we love it and we've never looked at another brand. :)

The great part about GOYA Double Hazelnut Spread is that, it's not just limited to being a spread! As you can see above, you can use it as an ingredient for different recipes, like muffins, cookies, ice cream and more!


What you need: heart shaped cutter | two slices of bread | GOYA Hazelnut Spread

You can also use the GOYA Hazelnut Spread as a dip for biscuits! :) You can enjoy it in many ways!

As I mentioned, my kids love hazelnut spread, so they often snack on it and I also prepare it for their baon. :) I love making Bento box meals for my son Asher cos he's in preschool and enjoys fun-looking food and he personally requests for his favorite "chocolate pie" (what he fondly calls hazelnut spread >_<) almost all the time. :) How can a mom resist? :) 

I'm really glad I made the switch to GOYA Hazelnut Spread. Not only is it really good, but gives us more savings in our grocery list. With that, I feel that I'm making practical and smart choices!


♥ 350g - Php 154 | ♥ 750g - Php 297  

For more information about GOYA, visit: https://www.facebook.com/GoyaChocoholics/ or  http://instagram.com/goyachocolates. :)

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