Review: Qihoo 360 Smart Camera with CRY ALERT, Night vision and more!

by - October 15, 2018

As a mom who's work often entails going out, I always have the constant worry in tow about my family. I usually leave my kids with my grandmother when I need to attend events and of course, I always think about them and how they're doing. Most of the time a phone call is the easiest way to reach them and ask how they are or the rare occasions that I lend my eldest son his phone and I can Viber him. But for me, nothing beats seeing them. 

Recently, I was given the 360 Smart Camera to try out and at first I thought I was going to get the typical CCTV-looking camera, but when I finally saw it in person, I was definitely impressed with the chic design and the many features it had. :)

The 360 Smart Camera D706 is made in China and produced by the company Beijing Vision World Technology Co., Ltd

Aside from its very chic cube design, it actually functions really well for people who need their homes, children or pets looked out for 24/7. With our busy schedule nowadays, we only need our smartphone to rely on and how great it is that the 360 Smart Camera made it so much easier to lookout for your loved ones.

The many feature:

* 1080P Hight Definition
* 360º Panoramic cruise
* High Definition Infrared Night Vision
* Two-way Audio Communication
* Private Mode
* Mobile Tracking
* Customized Continuous Cruise
*Cry Detection
* Abnormal Sound Detection
* Face Detection

The only thing you need to do for this to work is, WiFi, download the 360 Camera App, register and follow the easy setup instructions and you are ready to go! You can download it on your tablet or mobile phone. 

It rotates 360º horizontally and 260º vertically.

The only feature I wish this camera had, was that I could go wireless. Yes, you have to plug it at all times for it to work. I initially thought that I only had to plug for charging then it would work after. Unfortunately, it has to be plugged ALWAYS. :( Nevertheless, I still love it!

The good side of this is it is super clear! I tested it with my son Asher by leaving him inside his grandmother's room and me being downstairs. I saw all of his movements and since the 360 Smart Camera has a Two-Way Audio communication feature, I even got to talk to him! ^_^ So, if you have sudden reminders for people in your household or your baby just misses your voice, it can happen in an instant! :) You can hear my son Asher and I talk through the 360 Smart Camera app! It practically feels like we're together.

I can actually say that this can be a good substitute for a baby monitor. :) 
I also love that I can view around the room by just touching the screen and swiping. You can use the app to remotely control the camera angle and select any view in all directions since the camera itself can rotate!  It will even alert you on your notifications when there's a photo change, baby crying, loud sound and any movement detected around. You can also save the past videos that were recorded to your phone. :)

The Night Vision too is impressive in terms of clarity. I can still see everything well in the dark. :)

I am pretty much enjoying this new gadget of ours and for only Php 4,500 I would say that it's definitely worth your money cos you get to lookout for your family and a peace of mind. You can get one via :)

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