World Chicken and Egg Day with Bounty Fresh!

by - November 13, 2018

Celebrated World Chicken and Egg Day with Bounty Fresh at the TriNoma Activity Center last October 12! I didn't know before that there was such a thing as World Chicken and Egg Day, so quite happy to Bounty Fresh introduced me to it! ^_^ Both my kids LOVE chicken and egg, so this is something we would want to be a part of!

During this super fun event, we experienced several fun chicken and egg-related booth activities. :) This was very child-friendly and quite cute for adults, like me who love Instagram-worthy installations!

For the 'EGGSPLORATION' booth, we needed to find the golden egg to win a prize and lucky enough, Asher was able to find one within 15 seconds! ^_^

My little egg!

Bounty Fresh's chicken and egg products are strictly produced using only the state-of-the-art and ISO certified technology processes. So, you are assured that what you're eating and getting for your family is only the best and of top quality!

Did you hear about Bounty Fresh's very own Egg and Chickenovela? It featured Chicky, the character representing all of Bounty Fresh's products. She laid an egg and eventually lost it. Fortunately, her friends online (like me!) did everything they can to find some clues on the whereabouts of her missing baby, which led them to TriNoma Activity Center! ^_^

A grand prize of Php 100,000 and some Masflex items was given away and to the winner that day of the "SWEGG" Dance Challenge, "Beatbok Challenge, and "Eggs Factor" Season 2 Cooking Challenge! :) 

We also enjoyed a culinary segment, where they used only the freshest, most nutritious, and definitely affordable to every Filipino family.

My first time to celebrate World Chicken and Egg Day was definitely memorable thanks to Bounty Fresh

Bounty Fresh promises to continuously provide Filipino families with succulent meat of high quality, steroid-free chickens, and the most nutritious and fresh white and brown eggs, all at the most affordable price. :)

For more information and updates, visit :)

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