Goodbye 2018!♥

by - December 31, 2018

I remember writing this post last year and having the feeling of dread cos I had to say goodbye to the wonderful year I had (2017). I didn't know what to expect for the new year and didn't know if it would surpass the amazing experiences I had. But here I am, looking back on the beautiful year that was 2018. :)

This year had its fair share of ups and downs, but being the optimist that I am, I always try to weigh-in the good above all and truly, this year has been a great one. I learned so much along the way and I'm really thankful and grateful for everything that 2018 had to offer! ^_^

Looking back on my 2018...


If there's one thing that I give a lot of importance to, that's family time. I always try to make sure that no matter how busy I am that I still have bonding time with the people I love. I'm glad that this year gave me a lot of those chances. We went on adventures together and tried new things. My wish for 2019 is we get to go on more adventures as a family! Hoping for travels! *Fingers crossed!*


Last 2017, I had my first tattoo and for this year - February 17, I decided to take another leap and have my second one on my left wrist. This time, I let Wiji tattoo my very own artwork on me. It's something personal and I love that fact that I have an ink of something I did! :) It's a great reminder to never quit on the things that I'm passionate about and to keep pushing forward! Oh and also to continue living a colorful life!♥ 


A marriage takes a lot of work. The working hard doesn't stop just cos you both said "I do!" When you're in it, you should never stop woo-ing your partner. Tell them you love them every single day and always have me-time even if you have kids already. It's a crucial part of every relationship and that's what the Hubby and I learn as we go along the way. This year has been nothing short of amazing. Yes, we have our petty misunderstandings and mood swings (mostly me! haha!) but we work it out together and I know that we love each other more for it. :)

My wish for us in 2019 is to be stronger as a couple and never stop fighting for each other.♥ 


We all have our busy schedules but this year, I am thankful that I got an equal time with both my family and friends. :) I am very fortunate to have these people in my life cos they never fail to support me in all my endeavors, understand me and they're always good listeners. :) 

These photos are just a glimpse of some of the fun times we had this year. Supporting each other through fun times, growing families and more! 


In the years that I've been blogging, never in my life did I think I would win something and never really expected cos I do this out of love. But I guess it gives it so much more meaning when people recognize you for it. :) Last April 2018, I won the Nuffnang Blogopolis #MatchlessMom 'people's choice' award.♥  I can't thank enough the people who supported me through the voting and believing in me! I won't ever forget this and will always treasure it!


This 2018, we had the opportunity to go on fan-meets and keep the Korea in Manila spirit alive! :) I really enjoy these kind of events cos I get to express my fan-girl heart with my girls! 

We got to meet YouTuber Edward Avila, Lee Jong Suk and Momoland! That's a lot in just one year! Hoping more Korean fan meets for 2019! Gong Yoo, come to Manila soon, please!! haha!


One bittersweet event for my 2018 is the time that I finally said goodbye to my job at Assumption as a Calligraphy Club Moderator. I taught there for 3 years and it was good! I'm grateful for the experience and the time that I got to bond with my girls. I miss them! But also know that I needed growth. I hope that I somehow left a mark in their lives cos they surely did on me. :) I will never forget this part of my life!


Happy for the chances that I get to travel - always! I was able to travel back again to Taiwan for my birthday last April and it was the first time that I traveled with a friend - Ana! ^_^ I'm really glad she was game for this trip and couldn't have asked for a better travel buddy! I hope for 2019 we have more travel adventures together!

As for my Mom and I, our yearly July travels have always been the best! Went back to Korea for summer and went to all the places that I missed out on during my visit last Dec.2017. Can't wait for our July 2019 travel! Where to next???


I finally launched my business this year! It took a lot of effort and seeing it blossom is one of my goals in the years to come. :) I've only dreamed about this in the past and being able to see it as actual products now makes my heart so happy! For now, I'm excited for all my plans for FROM PAPER. There are still so many! Wish me luck!


When we booked this trip sometime in September, I counted the months and days hard until it finally arrived! Finally our first ever trip as a couple has happened and I loved everything about our trip! :) Will be blogging it in the coming days! But for now, I leave this here as an added happy highlight to my 2018!

2018, you were good. :) Thank you to the people who continue to support me in my blogging journey. I know there are vloggers now, but happy that there are people who still love blogs! ^_^  Thank you to the PR friends and brands who trusted me and worked with me. I only hope to better at this! Hoping for more opportunities this coming 2019!

Another thing,  I'm thankful that the people I love are healthy! Health is wealth!  I guess above all, that is my main wish for everyone in my life - to be in their best health for 2019 and the years to come! Aside from that, I hope in 2019 is that I get to inspire more people to chase after what they love, to not quit on their dreams, no matter how hard the challenges may be. :) Stay in love with what you do!

There are so many things that I still hope for! But all in all, I'm wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you all have a prosperous 2019 ahead!

Now, time to enjoy our feast! Haha! 

Artsy Ava

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  1. Thanks for sharing everything Ms.Ava! :) I always enjoyed reading your posts because it's very personal, sincere, easy to read and the photos is so nice. Appreciate all of your tips and generosity in sharing your experiences. More blogs to come :) God bless you po always :)


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