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by - May 14, 2019

Ever since the Dessert Museum opened last year, I think I probably have gone a total of 5x already but I'm not complaining! I have a big spot for cute and instagrammable places. ^_^ I really enjoyed taking lots of pictures the first time I went with the Hubby and the consecutive one with my son Asher. They have 8 sugar-filled rooms of happiness that you will love. But this year, they changed it up a bit by having 4 new rooms, so how can I resist another trip there, right? :) I must see it!

Going to the Dessert Museum is always more fun when you're with your friends or family! A few weeks back, I was able to go with my two blogger besties Ana and Ashley + my adorable inane Aki! :) We planned this for a while now and finally its happened! The day after that, I also went with my husband, so he can see the new rooms too! :)

For my visit with the Hubby, we booked ours through Travel Book and the great thing about booking through their app is that, you get the tickets in advance and at a cheaper rate. :) The usual rate for walk-in's at the Dessert Museum is Php 599-699. But via Travel Book, you only need to pay Php 528. This also applies to other popular attractions we have here in Manila. :)

So, if you want to save, get the best deals or discounts, do it via Travel Book!

A few of my favorite old rooms at the Dessert Museum. :) You can stay 15 minutes per room or a total of 2 hours in the whole museum.

Now, showing you the four new ones that are truly the cutest!

MACARON or TEA ROOM? Not really sure what they call this one, but you can't deny that I'm serving you some tea! Shall I spill the tea? I can do puns all day! =P

POP TART ROOM is what sprinkle dreams are made of! Cannot not take a photo on my favorite kind of cake - rainbow!

My cute inaanak Aki and his mummy Ashley! ^_^ Glad I was able to capture this cutie smile! Too adorable! As sweet as this room!

BANANA BEACH ROOM is my new favorite room! It trumps the donut most definitely!

And since this is the Dessert Museum, they also offer a dessert per room you go to! I super love the dessert in the Banana Beach room - FIC ice cream in Melon flavor! Yum! They also offer other flavors in case you're not a fan of melon. ;)

They also have yummy and cute shaped cookies in the Gumball room! :)

PIÑATA ROOM is hard to miss with its festive theme and huge piñatas! :) Makes you feel like you're in the movie Coco! 

Hello from my new furry friends! You can't ride them though!

The CAKE POP room has had an upgrade! They're now wrapped up in lovely pastel and a new addition of a huge cereal bowl!

Making sure I don't lose my godson Aki in a bowl of cereal! >_<  

Always striving to be a fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios! 

And to end our sweet day in the Dessert Museum, we went around their souvenir shop which offered so many cute and sweet treats to take home. :)

I really had a fun time with my husband and friends at the Dessert Museum as seen on the photos! ^_^ Who knows, maybe i'll be back again! ;)

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