Father's Day: Staycation @ Red Doorz, Trip to China Town Museum, Gift for Dad (TBS) and World's Best Dad with Hot Wheels!♥

by - June 23, 2019

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. Every June we celebrate this amazing man in our lives and how fortunate for some of us to have someone who dedicates their time and life to give us the very best. :) 

Last June 16 was Father's Day and to show the Hubby how much we appreciate and love him, we dedicated a series of activities and gifts for him.♥


Since the weekend is made especially for our family day, as early as June 15, I booked a staycation in one of the properties of Red Doorz in Bless Amare Boutique Hotel, BF Homes Parañaque. :) My husband and kids love hotel staycations, so what better way to kick-off Father's Day than an overnight, right? ^_^ Before booking this, I actually did a little research and what got me really attracted to this property among other Red Doorz is that, it's Santorini or Mediterranean themed!

You can easily find this place by inputting "BLESS AMARE BOUTIQUE HOTEL" on your Waze. You would have to leave your ID upon entering BF Homes cos they don't allow cars without stickers to enter. But not to worry since based on experience, they keep the IDs well. Not far from the guard house is already the hotel. :)

Upon check-in, we were greeted by the welcoming staff of Bless Amare Boutique Hotel. I easily spotted all the lavish Mediterranean-inspired interiors as soon as we got in and loved it! Looks exactly like it did on the photos. :) 

This Red Doorz room is complete with the following:

Spotless Linen
Satellite Television
Mineral Water
Clean Washrooms Toiletries

I super loved every nook and cranny of this place that I actually took so many photos (obvious naman?)! >_< Another thing that I loved about staying in this area is that they have parking and once we step out, there are a lot of places to eat, a grocery nearby and even drugstore! :) 

Needless to say, we enjoyed our stay at Red Doorz! If you want to book this exact same place, >>>CLICK HERE<<<

I recommend this place for travelers too cos it's only 40 minutes away from the airport and affordable too at only Php 1,222/night! In case you want to try this or any Red Doorz property, download the app: https://reddoorzhotel.app.link/Ava-Te-Zabat and use my code: RDAVA to get 20% OFF on your budget hotel bookings! ^_^

Red Doorz is also having a FREEDOM SALE this month of June! Book a budget hotel starting at Php 699 across the Philippines. Don't miss out on this. :)

TBS 1978 

My husband Gersh is not the type who loves to shop. But he gets giddy when people he loves gets him a new bag, perfume, clothes or a new pair of shoes. He's just not someone who spends on fashion, so when there's an occasion or chance, I make sure to get those things for him cos it already makes the perfect gift! This Father's Day, I got him a pair of boat shoes from French brand, Terre Battue Synthétique a.k.a. TBS 1978! :) This is his first ever boat shoes, so I knew it would be something new for him and a great addition to his wardrobe!

What's great about this pair is that it's not only stylish, but also durable and comfortable. He can strut in his events in this and go on long walks with us in the mall with it. :)

TBS has many more styles to choose from and you can even get that special man in your life a pair at 25% OFF! Just use the code: BESTDAD25! Valid online: https://hittheroad.ph until June 30!

You can check their styles in person at the following: Hit the Road, ATC | Hit the Road, Glorietta 2 and Hit the Road, Nuvali. :)


After our staycation at Red Doorz, we decided to fully use up the day by doing something we haven't in a while and that's a visit to the museum! Perfect timing that a new one in Lucky China Town Mall just opened last June 8 and I've been wanting to take the boys there. :)

So, Father's Day itself was spent at the ChinaTown Museum!

Php 150/regular | Php 100/students (bring ID!)Php 120/PWDs | Kids below 4ft: FREE

This museum is conveniently located at the 4th floor of Lucky China Town Mall. So, if you're done touring this place, you can easily do your shopping and dine! :)

The BINONDO exhibit of the ChinaTown Museum showcases the history and culture of the oldest ChinaTown in the world. It has a total of 15 galleries inside and what I super love about this particular museum is that it's very interactive! Unlike most museums we've visited that had a lot of "Do not touch" signs, this one barely has any. :) Your kids are free to touch and experience the galleries and I think this even makes them learn more about how they lived in the past. :)

The chair that Athan is sitting on is what we similarly have at home and the same chair my Angkong loved sitting on when he was still alive. :) 

Binondo or ChinaTown in general has a really big spot in my heart cos most of my childhood was spent here and memories of my Angkong comes flooding in forms of food trips, Kalesa rides, temple visits and more. I miss him dearly and going here always reminds me of the good times!  

Asher checking out what the Chinese immigrants have cooking at the Shophouses! While also trying to sell some fruits at the Esteros De Binondo! ;)

One of my favorite galleries is this one called "EL 82".  This particular one is inspired by the store owned by Ramon Ongpin and here they sold hardware and art supplies. :) 

EL 82 ~ "Its name commemorated 1882, the year of the country's rebirth after the cholera epidemic and "82" was also the store's phone number." - can you imagine having only two numbers to your phone? Wow!

Chinese medicines can be found here during that time. :) Even then it was already popular! Asher thought they were tea while he was exploring the drawers! =P Haha! 

My Angkong would definitely dig this gallery! He was such a foodie and Chinese food was his bias! He would buy Tikoy for everyone he knows during Chinese New Year and often brought home Hopia as pasalubong for us.♥

How awesome is it to buy 5 pieces of Hopia for only Php 1 today! Haha! I wish! Did you know in Chinese meaning, HO - good and PIA - pastry? ^_^ Hence, the word HOPIA!

This gallery also showcases the "Flavors of Binondo" since back then, it was known as a food hub that blends native, Chinese and Spanish influences.

 Back in the 1900s, they used the Tranvia for mass transportation. These were originally horse-drawn but eventually became electric-powered streetcars. :) My kids went crazy for the bell and kept ringing it. >_< Haha!

We got to try this cool water painting method too! You just use water on the canvas and it comes out in black form. Then it dries up eventually and you're free to paint again! :)

This museum isn't that big. But we had so much fun! I'm glad we were able to visit and if you haven't, I really recommend you to visit when you're in the area. You will surely enjoy your time here! :)

For more information, visit: https://www.chinatownmuseum.org/. :)


Taking on the challenge of Hot Wheels on why my husband Gersh is the WORLD'S BEST DAD!

I know a lot of people would vouch for their Dads as the "World's Best Dad!" and I couldn't agree more that there are so many of them. :) But allow me to dedicate this post to the best Daddy in OUR world - GERSHWIN!♥

For someone who started out as a young dad, my husband is truly a dedicated father. As soon as he graduated college he already started working so he can provide for our eldest son Athan. Even when we had our second baby Asher, he continued to dream big, find good jobs and work hard. But he doesn't stop at just working 9 to 5. He also helps me in taking care of our children. In the morning he wakes up early as well to prepare them for school, gives them baths, helps build their toys, never misses major school programs or activities and tirelessly answers their many "WHYs' in life. :) He doesn't just fill-in the father role, he completes the package!

They say, when picking out a partner in life, you should choose wisely cos in turn, it will also be your children's future on the line. I can whole heartedly say that I made the best decision! I'm grateful to have a husband who is an amazing father to both our kids! ^_^

Thank you, Hot Wheels for this! Challenge accepted!

That's it! That ends my Father's Day special for my husband Gersh! I hope you, guys also had an awesome celebration with your Dads and Hubbies! ^_^ Till next year!

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