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by - July 02, 2019

Going to museums is something that I really love doing and I always try to tag my family along cos I know it can be a fun learning experience for them. I'm actually happy that two recently opened here in Metro Manila and is just a ride away. :) One of which that I am talking about is LAKBAY MUSEO

Located at S Maison in Conrad Manila, Lakbay Museo is a project by The Millennial Concept Factory Inc. and this museum allows you to travel, experience, and take IG-worthy photos around the Philippines without having to leave Manila!

At the Lakbay Museo, you don't have to choose between adventure and aesthetic cos here, you have the best of both worlds! ^_^ It has 14 unique experiences of 11 destinations. You get to travel to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. :)  My kids and I really enjoyed our time here cos it's very interactive, educates you about our history and appreciate our culture. :)

The moment you get in the museum, you see this facade that makes you choose between three modes of travel transportation: Lupa (land), Himpapawid (air) and Dagat (water). Which would you pick?

These boys happily choosing both Himpapawid and Lupa! :)
I personally picked out Lupa (land) for this adventure! ^_^

This museum isn't just about IG-worthy photos. It was built on the foundation of environment conservation. Nearly all of the exhibits were constructed using 4,560 old and used rubber slippers and scrapped materials, 328 old rubber tires, 453 old car mats, and a variety of recyclable materials. :) They also provide job provides job opportunities to out of school youths, non-professionals, local artists, disabled persons, and senior citizens.

Here you can experience the livelihood of our fellow Filipinos, like the Palengke, Sari-sari storeCarinderia and more.

Get Lakbay Museo tokens and spend it inside! :)

The Philippine culture will never be complete without food! Inside you can fill your sense of smell and taste with Filipino food and drinks. :)

Your ticket to the museum comes with 12 tokens and you can use them to purchase some Philippine 'meriendas' or different Pinoy dishes and satisfy your cravings! We got some Puto, Fishballs and Mangga w/ bagoong during our visit. :) In case you run out, you can easily buy tokens again at the VILLARICA booth!

I love how this gallery makes colorful Filipino life felt. From the music, food, festivals and traditions, it's all present here. They even lent us costumes to wear, so we could feel the experience more. ^_^

This museum is the perfect place for people to delve and appreciate the roots of Filipino identity. :) The Lakbay Museo aspires to encourage Filipinos to cultivate our heritage and traditions. It aims to nurture patriotism in the next generation and guidance for foreign tourists in learning the fun and easy way!

To be honest, I think this is the museum that we really need right now for the new generation cos often times we focus on foreign things too much and showcasing an only Philippines-filled museum is something that can make kids now understand and see that our country has so much to offer and to love about.

If you're also curious about certain regions about our country, the museum has fun facts scattered around for your reading pleasure! ^_^

Have you ever been to a festival here in the Philippines? NO? Well, here at Lakbay Museo, you can! It's my first time to see PAHIYAS! ^_^

Lakbay Museo is truly a collage of experiences. From the sight of different attractions, the feel of the fabrics, to the taste of the food, this museum depicts a picture of national history, culture, and arts. It allows you to rewind to the past, "superzoom" into historical details of our country!

Coconut Falls?? YES, Please!! | Oh and my kids just fulfilled their dreams of swimming in rice! LOL!

Some of the food displays here look SO real that you actually want to feast! >_< Made me crave for all kinds of Filipino food that I haven't tasted in a while. :)

Lava walk your way inside the Bulkang Mayon!

The sea room and Mayon Volcano are examples of things inside here made from recycled materials. :) Impressive, right? ^_^ I hope more brands or companies can make use of waste this way!

Say hello to the giant version of our national fruit!

This is probably one the many favorites of mine in Lakbay Museo! Suman and Puto for chairs, guys!! How adorable is that?? ^_^

Traditional clothing, woven by ethnic and indigenous groups across Philippines, are also displayed around for a feast for the eyes. Even if we have trendy clothing nowadays, there is still something beautiful about traditional tapestries and fabrics. :)

During our visit, we also got to enjoy musical entertainment by the museum staff!

My boys and I had an amazing time at Lakbay Museo. Its nice to have another place to keep the joyful Filipino spirit alive and with this, younger generations will surely learn to love Pinoy culture even more. :) Remember to not just #DoItForTheGram, but also learn and appreciate roots of the Philippines!

Catch Lakbay Museo's official opening on July 12, 2019!

You can watch my quick sneak-peek of our museum visit on my VLOG above.

OPENING HOURS: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

For more information, visit www.lakbaymuseo.ph or https://www.instagram.com/lakbaymuseoph/. :)

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