ARIEL INSTASHINE: My new favorite find to the chore I find most therapeutic

by - August 30, 2019

Laundry day may be a hectic thing for some. But for me, it actually feels quite therapeutic. I release all my stress there and feel so much better when I see the clothes super clean. On the other hand, hanging and folding is a different story. >_<

For years now, my family and I have been avid users of the Ariel Base and Liquid detergent. Whichever we feel like using more on our grocery run, that's what we get. Recently though, I made a new discovery and it's the new ARIEL INSTASHINE with Power Boosters. :)

Before anything else, let me share with you what the new ARIEL INSTASHINE with Power Boosters looks like...

Looking at the package, you can see that the new ARIEL Instashine promises that it can clean like new in just one wash. It also has these cool power booster beads inside and this is the first time I've encountered beads in detergent. :) That alone already got me interested in this product.

This new product from ARIEL is all about preserving and making our old clothes look like new again in just one wash. This is a huge deal for me because I have clothes in my closet that are my ultimate favorite and want them to last for so many years. Of course, I also want to save money, so being able to keep clothes in our closet long term can be a great savings. But tendency of wearing our outfits repeatedly can easily make them look older faster. With the new ARIEL Instashine, the power booster beads can remove the sticky layers on the fabric surfaces left behind by other detergents and can make old looking clothes look NEW again! :)

Moment of truth, does it really work? Did it keep to its promise?

I put the new ARIEL Instashine to the test on one of the most difficult clothing item in our closet to remove dirt on - my kids' socks! I also think this is one of the things in our closet that gets worn out the most when used everyday, like for my boys in school.

Do you also have sock gliders? My kids are notorious for them! >_< Once they get home from school or even when they're at public play areas, they drag or glide their socks on the floor endlessly and of course, mommy pays for those moments the most. But, kids will be kids! So, I let them! While I used this on my clothes in the washing machine, I also tried hand washing with it on their socks.

With hand washing, you need to let it soak for a few minutes and you need not worry about the beads! They dissolve in the water after 10 minutes. :) Once done, you can start rubbing the ends of the socks and here is the result for me...

WOW! Do you see how white it is, guys?? Compared to the BEFORE photo above. It actually looks NEW! The color is so bright and impressive! I honestly cannot believe that a product like this exists! I liked that the detergent wasn't harsh on my hands too. :)

Incredibly pleased with ARIEL Instashine's performance! It's a win-win for our whites and colored clothes. :)

So, it is effective? ABSOLUTELY! Now, I don't have to be afraid of wearing-out my favorite clothes because I have the new ARIEL Instashine to lookout for my clothes and make them Instabago in just one wash! :)

I really recommend that you try this at home and see for yourself the wonders of ARIEL Instashine!

Below are the different sizes and pricing for your reference. :)

ARIEL Instashine with Power Boosters is now available in groceries and supermarkets nationwide!

Click on this link for the official video coverage of the new ARIEL Instashine's laundry musical: :)

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  1. Wow bongga tlga ni ariel.Ariel dn po gamit ko sa paglalaba at big help sya lalo na sa mga puti nmng damit.

  2. Iba na talaga ang ariel. Ang layo na ng narating nila. I remember dati nag babahay-bahay lang sila para ipakilala yung product nila. Ngayon ang dami ng users ng ariel at isa ako dyan. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’› iba talaga makapagpaputi ng damit. Kahit yung mga damit kong nakatago na sa baul nagmumukhang bago. 😊


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