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Finally! The much-awaited BIG BAD WOLF Book Sale is here again! It’s officially my third year to attend the sale and I always get so excited. :)  Nothing beats being in a room filled with 2 million new books that are 50-90% OFF! ^_^ Oh and did I forget to mention, they’re open 24 hours at The World Trade Center??

Last February 13, I went to the VIP opening of BBW to check out what new stuff they had to offer at this year’s book sale. :) I always look forward to spending hours scouring books for the boys and I. You will never get enough of the books there! I highly recommend that as soon as you get in, you already grab a cart because for sure you’ll be getting more than a handful! I know I sure do every single year. =P

This year, I wanted to make sure my experience would be easy and hassle-free, so I’m thankful that PayMaya is one of the official events partner of Big Bad Wolf because I love paying using my PayMaya. It’s so handy just having it on my phone, plus I don’t also have to worry about carrying a huge amount of cash with me. :)

I’ve been using PayMaya for almost everything in my life, because I don’t have a credit card. But nowadays, most transactions are online, so having PayMaya makes it convenient for me both online and off. Trust me, you need it!

In case you still don’t have a PayMaya account, you’re in luck! You can easily get an account by downloading the PayMaya app at the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. They also have a stall at BBW where you can buy a PayMaya card which you can use for in-store purchases. Now all that’s left to do is register using my code: AVAPAYMAYA to get PHP 50 for FREE! ^_^

As usual, the BBW never fails to impress me with their wide selection of books! There are some books in the piles that I’ve already seen in the past sale, but there are also a lot of new ones. :)

The BIG BADWOLF isn’t just strictly storybooks or novels. They also have non-books, like journals, stickers and activity boxes. It’s a pretty interesting selection.

Shopping for books feels therapeutic to me. I love looking at the different pages and even discovering new books that I never knew existed or though I would take interest in! :) If you want some ‘ME-TIME’ this is a nice way to spend it too!

Last year, I sought more of self-help books. But this year, I found myself more engrossed on the art books. I got quite a few of those and then, I focused my attention next on the kids section! Just can’t get enough of those cute books! :)

These are just a few snaps and don’t even do justice to how much books they have for kids there and how almost all made me want to purchase them! >_< haha!

If you can see the photo above, with the cart overflowing with books, that’s no exaggeration. There are really some people at BBW that buy cartload of books because they’re really crazy affordable! The prices go for as low as Php 120 for the typical ones that would sell at around Php 200 or more at bookstores.

I feel really lucky to have also found Mitch Albom’s ‘The First Phone Call From Heaven. He’s my favorite author of all time. I have all his books, but lately, the thrifty person in me kept holding back when this first came out in bookstores because I couldn’t get myself to purchase Php 700-800 book hahaha! I used to do that in my teens, but since I rarely hoard books now (I only get the ones I super duper like), I wanted to wait for it to go on sale. Though a long wait, it was worth it! Because I snagged his for only Php 290!! Winner! ^_^ I can’t wait to read it!

After spending countless hours at BBW, time to line up! I loved how fast I was able to check out my stuff! Every counter there had the PayMaya QR and card machine, so I only had to whip out my phone, scan the QR code and done! ^_^

Best part is PayMaya users who pay via QR can get a 1%, 10% or 100% cashback for their purchase while those who pay via PayMaya card can get Php 50 cashback for every Php 2,000 single-receipt transaction. J

Sharing our family’s BBW Manila 2020 Haul! ^_^

Since I paid via PayMaya QR, I got a cashback of 10% which means I got Php 234 back in my account for my BBW purchase! I love that I get these cashbacks every time I pay via PayMaya QR. Even if it’s a small amount, it’s still so much better than paying with cash because I get so much more than what I paid for with PayMaya. May balik bayad lagi!

Visit the Big BadWolf Book Sale happening this February 14-24, 2020 at The World Trade Center! Don’t miss out on the huge discounts and cashbacks when you pay using your PayMaya! ;)

Basta big bad wolf, don’t pay cash. PayMaya!

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  1. OMG! I have the same book, maganda po yan The first phone call from heaven :)


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