Maynilad: 3 ways to save water!

by - May 14, 2020

Water is one of our most precious resources in this world and sadly, we sometimes take this for granted by using it in an unlimited manner. Nowadays, we have to be more careful because we’ve been experiencing a shortage of fresh water supply every now and then. Aside from saving money in our utility bills, we should make a conscious effort in trying to save water, not just now but to also benefit our future.

Going on a trip to Maynilad last February 28 has opened my eyes even more to our water shortage and in one of the short talks we had with them, the thing that stuck out to me the most was using water responsibly. We are currently experiencing water shortage and to help out, we should also do our part in conserving water.

Recently, the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) increased the raw water allocation for Metro Manila and nearby provinces to 46 cubic meters per second (cms) from 42 cms due to COVID19. As a result, Maynilad was able to temporarily suspend the daily water service interruptions or at least limit it to off-peak hours for some areas. But this doesn’t mean that we should also stop using water responsibly because the fact is, water level in Angat Dam is still not at the ideal level, and rainfall is still scant so there is no way yet for the dam to replenish.
Sharing some of the different and easy ways we can help in saving water. What a better way to start than at home, right? 

1.         Check for leakssometimes we don’t notice it, but leaks can cause a huge wastage in water if not addressed immediately. It can waste gallons and gallons of water. So, always make sure to check if you have leaks at home.

2.         Turn off faucetyes, something so evident can often still be ignored. Most of us can be guilty of letting the faucet run when we take a shower, wash our hands, brush our teeth or when washing the dishes. This shouldn’t be the case. Never let the water run when not in use. Start the good habit of turning it off the moment you don’t need it.

3.         Take shorter showers it’s easy to get carried away and indulge in long baths. But you can save so much water already by trying to lessen your shower by a few minutes. Maybe try using a timer or play one song to gage the ending time of your shower.

Now that we are also fighting the spread of COVID19, I am encouraging everyone to prioritize use of water for activities critical to maintaining the health and sanitation of our family.

These are just a few tips! There are so much more, like recycle your water where you can, don’t run the hose needlessly when washing your car, always use full loads in washing machines, or water your plants using a watering can. Simple steps but if we all take the same measures, we can help the environment.

 Athan’s cute drawing about saving water

- Teaching kids early about this can also help in the future!

Our planet cannot survive without water. We use it to drink, to clean with, water our crops, and so much more. Water is very crucial in life preservation, so we shouldn’t take it for granted. Let’s start today – save water, save our planet.  :)

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