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by - April 23, 2021

Back to blogging again! Been awhile since my last update because things got a bit busy and honestly there are just days that I can't muster up the energy to sit on the chair and face my desktop. >_< Must be the  lazy pregnancy hormones hihi. But felt inspired to write again today since I already have a few topics in mind and i've had this on my list for quite some time now. :) 

Since quarantine started, we've all been on our phones more and shopping has resulted to doing it online and with that, I've discovered so many nice local shops and totally amazed with the products they produce. Hence, I decided to dedicate a blog post to some local shops that I fancy and calling it 'Support Local'. In case you also want to discover more cool shops, i'll list some down for you.

Without further ado! Presenting, my 6 recent favorite Local Instagram Shops Part 1!

Lately, I found myself going back to my first online shopping obsession (circa 2010) which is clay! I bought so many polymer clay accessories the first time I ever discovered my love for online shopping but at some point, I outgrew the clay stage and went for other things. But now it's back! There are so many local shops selling cute accessories made out of clay and here are a few below...

The Wednesday Studio is pretty new on Instagram. I discovered this shop only last month, I believe? I instantly fell in love with her handmade clay pieces and I'm sure you won't doubt why. Just look at that craftsmanship! The details are awesome and each trinket dish is enough to fit your small accessories or you can even put incense sticks on some designs. :)

The price range of her products are around Php 350-450. Not bad if you ask me, given the great quality.

The Lobe is a shop that easily made me swoon over their dainty handmade polymer jewelry. Despite being small pieces, the details on each of their earrings is just beautifully made and I knew I had to get myself a piece or two. I recently got myself their Matisse-inspired earrings. :) Too too pretty!

The price range of their earrings is around Php 195-400. :) I also admire their initiative to go for recycled packaging when they ship items. 

Speaking of amazing details, Dippin Daisies also leaves me in awe when it comes to her wearable art pieces. Every accessory is certainly made with love. She can even customize earring designs to your liking! The photo on the far right is what I asked her to make for me and I am super in love with them cos she was able to turn them into the design I exactly wanted. If you have pegs, you can send it to her and she'll gladly customize it for you. :)

Price range of her customize pieces go for Php 280-350. :)

We all know that the 'boob' cup is all the rage right now and I'm one of those people who got lured into it cos I just find it so dang cute! And nothing shouts 'feminism' more than this, right? Free the nipple! LOL! These cute handmade ceramic cups are from Peek-A-Boob and they have different designs and sizes that you can choose from. :) Each mug is handmade, proudly local and food safe. 

Price range for the adorable cups is around Php 700-750. :)

Another popular thing on Instagram is those aesthetic mirrors and the ones made by Frances Dandan are the best ones i've seen locally. The frame is handmade by her using wood material and it's just gorgeous! I personally want a full length one. But since we don't really have space at the moment, I'm saving it on my 'must-have' list for future reference. Plus, she's currently on hiatus at the moment given MECQ in Manila. But you can still DM her for reservations. ;)

Price range of her Flossy Mirrors go for Php 990-7,000 - depending on the size.

Last but not the least is Past Treasures. Since I found my love for thrift shopping again, I found so many nice shops on Instagram and amazed at how they curate all their clothing. This particular shop caught my fancy because of how she really finds good pieces to post and she even arranges them according to color when uploading - the OC in me is happy! If you also love thrift shopping, I suggest you check Past Treasures out. :) You just have to be sure to turn on notifications for her posts cos her pieces go pretty fast.

That ends my fave instagram shops part 1! Hope you found something you liked! :) Will have a part two soon with my favorite local bag shops! Stay safe, guys!

Artsy Ava

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  1. Hello miss ava I enjoy reading your blogs and I love it because you make something so deeply personal and then present it to the world with an open heart, Thank you for sharing your work with not only us but the world I hope you notice my comment Thank ang God bless


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