BaiCon InFest 2021, now in its fourth year!

by - October 25, 2021

On October 30-31, 2021, creators from around the Philippines will once again gather for the country’s biggest influencer event, BaiCon InFest. This year, we’re doing a major throwback to the era that started the boom of content creation - the 2000’s!

Now in its fourth year, BaiCon InFest, powered by Smart, is an event that was created to provide a platform for fans and aspiring influencers to see their favorite creators perform, educate, and even get awarded. The event that gathered 72 creators in 2019 when it had its physical event in Cebu and 108 creators in 2020 through a virtual version of the event is set to become bigger in 2021 as it will be a hybrid event.

“The event will still be accessed through BaiCon InFest’s Facebook, TikTok, and Kumu pages, but this year, we will be holding a physical stage in Cebu where the hosts and even some performers can perform live and engage with their audience real-time,” shared Bea Alfar Evardone, Production Head and Creative Lead of the event.

Apart from the fun and entertainment that the event brings its audience, especially when this year’s theme aims to take a trip down memory lane by bringing back the Y2k and 00’s vibe, BaiCon is also an avenue to promote digital media literacy and the responsible use of the internet.

“We believe in the power of the internet - it has many benefits but it can also be an avenue for negativity. From the spread of fake news, the practice of the cancel culture to online exploitation, many netizens can fall prey to this internet negativity. But if there’s one thing more powerful than the internet, it’s influence. This is why BaiCon InFest fuels creators and influencers to be the champions against internet negativity,” Evardone added.

That said, the event is set to include sessions where creators and influencers educate the audience about using the internet responsibly. Educational skits and talks will fill up the whole event, all while having one grand, entertaining time with your favorite influencers and creators.

BaiCon InFest Team with BaiCon CSR 2020 beneficiary, Philippine Public School Teachers Association

To further amplify the message on the responsible use of the internet, the event also serves as a fundraiser. While the event may be accessed for free, audiences are encouraged to make donations to the #CreatorsUnitedPH, a cause that aims to provide 1,000 students who go to school in mountain barangays across the country with digital media literacy workbooks. Donations can be done via our website at

The event is expected to bring in more than 100 creators from all over the Philippines and some parts of the world. Joining us this year are AC Bonifacio, Kween Yasmin Asistido, Dimples Romana and her husband, Boyet Ahmee, Dr. Kilimanguru, Kimpoy Feliciano, Angie “Anghet” Cayetano, Mikey Bustos, Gino Quillamor, Bogart D’Explorer, Medyo Maldito, Snake Princess, Kean Cipriano from the band Callalily, Ramon Bautista, Jen Barangan, Jae Miranda, Ady Cots, Mayonnaise, Xavier Gonzales Solis, Erwan Heussaff, Mark del Rosario, Renz David, Ian Mauricio, Kit Digno, Dr. Dex Mallari, Dr. Zeke Albaria, Ninong Ry, Alem Garcia, Phillip Te Hernandez (Davao Conyo), Malaya Macaraeg, Kim Charlie Cruz, Gandang Morenx, Chinky Enopia, Deedee Villegas, Clare Inso, Chezka Carandang, Inka Magnaye, Dom Guyot, Justine Luzares, Maggiekarp, Amara, Blink, Nikkinikki, and many more.

BaiCon InFest is an event organized by the Republiq Group of Companies (RGC), VisMin’s largest digital agency, in partnership with the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines, an organization that aims to elevate the standards of content creation and influencer marketing in the country.

Follow BaiCon Infest on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and visit the official website for more content and updates.

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  1. Wow. Ang bongga. And madami ding celebrities na included. Pti si Ninong Ry kasama. Galing!


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