An Impawfect World Made Pawfect: New Normal Care Tips For Your Dog

by - November 15, 2021

They say when you get a dog, that dog becomes your life and your family. I personally didn't understand this before until Lōla came into our lives. We've had her for two years now and we treat her like our own child. We make sure she eats right, we take her with us wherever we go, we celebrate her birthday like we would our kids, and we always lookout for her overall health.💗

Speaking of health...

Uncertainties in this “new” daily life we live in cause anxiety and an abundance of worries. For some, having a “buddy” contributes greatly to one’s well-being and proves to be a great companion that reduces our stress while giving us comfort and even contentment.


While this may be a positive aspect during these times, one has to take time to consider all factors in being a pet owner. It’s best to evaluate if you’re fit to take in a fur baby in your home and one has to be knowledgeable of the responsibilities needed before you take the leap. Why? Because raising a pet is almost like raising a human being with needing to provide them with security, comfort, basic needs, and regular medical care


Deciding whether to get a dog or not is one thing; being a responsible owner is a whole other level. Our dogs may relieve us of stress and anxiety, especially during these troubling times, but one must always keep in mind that they too need their owners to be responsible in giving them the utmost care they deserve. 

For me, having a dog is truly is like having a child. You need to be able to provide for them and give them a happy life. 


Based on a recent online survey from Rakuten Insight*, the Philippines has the highest rate of pet ownership in Asia at 67% with dogs occupying the majority of homes in the country. However, only around 20% of dog owners bring their dogs regularly to the vet for medication and check-ups; most bring them when they’re already sick or in need of immediate care. 

Our party of 5 :) 

Much like us, preventive measures are our safe bets in keeping our dogs healthy. Regular visits to their respective veterinarians not only promote responsible practice as a dog owner but also help keep them in good health and may aid in detecting possible risks that may affect their health.


Even with the limited time outside to take them for walks, the risk of our beloved dogs getting sick is a worry that most owners stress about. Minimal health care is a big factor that can impede on our dog’s health which may lead them to suffer from preventable diseases or conditions including three major health issues: heartworm disease, ticks & fleas, and roundworms & hookworms.


To minimize the chances of dogs getting infected, a highly efficient medication is a must to give them complete protection against silent threats. Distributed by Zoetis, Simparica Trio, the first monthly, chewable and yummy supplement contains three proven ingredients designed to defend your fur babies from these unseen health risks. This preventative supplement is an FDA-approved prescription product that is deemed safe for puppies as young as 8 weeks old (weighing at least 2.8 lbs) and guarantees 100% satisfaction that will keep your worries at bay.


 “As dog owners, we try to be as responsible as best as we can by making sure that they’re well taken care of. However, some possible diseases may be unavoidable, and this is where preventive measures apply. Even with their empathy, it’s a literal fact that dogs can’t communicate with us directly on what they’re feeling. We notice if they’re uncomfortable and behaving unusually but to be able to pinpoint the exact cause of their discomfort is quite difficult. The last thing we want to happen is for us to lose them without a fight, that is why regular check-ups with their veterinarian and compliance to treatment help ensure that they are always at their best so they can continue living happily with their fur parents,” -  Dr. Sherlyn SubiagaDe Lima, a clinic owner, practicing veterinarian and technical consultant for small animal practice

It may be essential for dog owners to remember three crucial steps for their fur babies’ health: Detect, Disinfect and Protect


  • Detect: When dogs are in good health, it’s easy to identify if they behave differently. Monitor them and bring them to the vet to check for signs of possible disease. Immediate response helps lessen the risk of further sickness for our pets.

  • Disinfect: Disinfection not only points to pet grooming but also for their internal health. Diseases like worms, ticks, and fleas can be prevented thru regular medication. Left untreated, these health issues may pose as a greater threat to their health in the long run.

  • Protect: Even after being cured. It’s always best to keep them protected for any future health risks. Continue giving them nutritional food, fresh water, clean space to sleep, and regular vitamins and additional medication to keep them healthy for a longer time in your company.


Always bear in mind that having a dog is a lifetime commitment. Trust in a brand that understands that canine preventative health is a must for every dog owner. Consult your veterinarian for more information and ask for guidance on the proper use of Simparica Trio so we can give back the love they unconditionally give us.


Having ticks/fleas and worms can be really deadly for our dogs. Never underestimate their health even if they don't go out much nowadays. I actually learned this the hard way as a new dog mom last year June 2020. We weren't able to give Lōla her usual anti parasitic due to lockdown (I thought it was alright since she doesn't go out to the mall or outdoors much) and unfortunately, one tick got to her and it turned into two.. so on, until she got very sick. My whole world shattered when my once hyper, happy doggo, suddenly turned to not even having the slightest energy to drink water or play. I immediately rushed her to the vet and from then on, I promised myself never ever to miss out on her anti parasitic medication. Happy to report that she hasn't been sick since then and I hope she never will be.💗 My advice is to really take this seriously.

Simparica Trio comes in the following variants: 2.5 to 5 kg dogs, 5 to 10 kg dogs, 10 to 20 kg dogs, and 20 to 40 kg dogs, as prescribed by veterinarians. Visit, follow @zoetispetcareph on Instagram, and get to know more about the brand and Zoetis Philippines on their official website


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