Kleenfant Antibacterial Baby Laundry Detergent + Extra Care Fabric Softener

by - December 18, 2021

As moms, we always make sure that we use products that are safe and gentle on our baby's skin. Whether that's with the soap that they use when taking a bath or the laundry we use on their clothes. In our house, we always make sure that Moon's clothes are washed separately from ours and the detergent we use for her is specially made for babies.👶

One of the brands that is trusted by Moms on Shopee when it comes to Baby Laundry Detergent is Kleenfant. :)

Just a little info on Kleenfant's Baby Laundry Detergent and Baby Fabric Softener...

Kleenfant Anti-Bacterial Baby Laundry Detergent and Extra Care Fabric Softener made sure to provide the MOST NATURAL and SAFEST ingredients that cares for our babies This prevents rashes and irritation to their most senstive skin. Effectively removes milk stains and dirt while providing gentleness on Mommies hands. Also provides fluffy comfortable feeling for our Babies. Kleenfant natural fabric softness and let our baby enjoy the fluffy, comfortable feeling with Kleenfant EXTRA CARE Fabric Softener. Specially made with loving NATURAL INGREDIENTS proving it SAFE and GENTLER for our little one's delicate skin Approved and Recommended by Most Pedia. NO Harmful ingredients like Bleach, Dyes Phosphates and Parabens that might harm your our baby's skin.

- 100% Made for Baby's Sensitive Skin - Remove Milk Stains and Foul Odors - Extra Gentle on Mommies Hands - Prevents rashes and skin Irritation
Not only does Kleenfant have quality products, they also are affordable. :)

You're in luck too, Mommas! The 1000ml Kleenfant Antibacterial Baby Laundry Detergent + Extra Care Fabric Softener is currently on sale! ^_^ You can get this both for only Php 399! That's 43% OFF! So, if you're planning to restock on your babies essentials, now is the time to do it. :) 

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