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by - February 16, 2022

Having a baby is all sorts of wonders, happiness, learnings and of course, something we Mommas can never avoid is mess or the little accidents that comes with a baby. But thankfully, there are so many products now that can help us along the way and make some parts of motherhood easy breezy. :)

Lately, Moon has turned 8 months. But of course, still in her diaper phase, so you can bet we often need stocks of wipes and she has also started on her solids two months ago and has been getting her hands into quite a mess with all the grabbing she's been doing. When we go out, it's also essential. With that, we always make sure we have wipes just within arms reach to keep her clean and far from all the germs and mess. :)

Recently, we discovered the brand Yoboo. A Japanese brand that has been around since 2009 and they carry baby products that affordable and at the same time has good quality. 

They have a range of products to offer, from bottles, breastfeeding essentials, high chair and wipes. :) I personally like their Anti-colic Baby Bottle because Moon is at a stage where she's trying to learn how to hold, so this is nice for her to practice holding her bottle. :)

For breastfeeding Mommas, you can also stock up on nursing pads and milk storage bags from Yoboo.💛

This February 17, you can enjoy up to 50% OFF on Yoboo products, a one-day exclusive deal only on Shopee's Brand Spotlight

Check some of these products out:

And speaking of wipes above, they're also launching their Yoboo Unscented wipes. It's also 

No fluorescent agent
Convenient and hygienic
Enhanced cleansing power

Be sure to add some to your cart! :)

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