Ikea and Hyunjin day!

by - March 21, 2022

It has been forever since my last personal blog entry and I honestly feel so guilty about it. :( I've only had time to squeeze in work blogposts lately(hence, the flooded ads) and a part of me is heartbroken about that. But as a mom of a 9 month old, it can really be impossible to do the things I love without extra help. So, I often use the free time I'm given to do work instead, then I go straight back to baby caring after. Oh well, right now, I'm writing this while Moon is on my lap, typing as fast as I can and while she still lets me. =P 

So, yesterday was a free day for me because it was Sunday and finally the Chingus and I were able to  visit Ikea! We've been badly wanting to since it opened last year. But with the huge crowd and having to book for a visit, we decided to forgo and just wait for the perfect time. Finally it happened!

Since we all had something to do after this little Ikea trip of ours and we wanted to avoid the huge crowds, we decided to meet up there as early as 9:30AM. Since the food area was our main agenda, We thought it would be the best time. We managed to all get there by 10AM and there was already a line going to the food. So, if want to head to Ikea on a weekend, I highly recommend you already get there by 9:30AM.

Our waiting time in line at the food area took I think about an hour? I really didn't notice that much because Ana and Pauly pretty much kept my mind occupied with all the fun kwentos. I guess that's also the perk of going with friends, you don't get bored!

The line at Ikea's food area was pretty organized and we already had a game plan of what we wanted to eat, so that made things easier too. :) Some items were self service, you had to get them on your own, like the salad, soup, cake and bread. :)

For all these, we paid around Php 1,600? Which I think is not bad considering this is A LOT and we were so full after. We could hardly manage another bite of cake. =P

I recommend definitely get the Swedish meatballs, fresh salmon, the unlimited nordic drink and soup! Paul and I really didn't find anything special with the chicken wings, so I think you can pass that up if you want something different.

After we had our lunch, we headed out but in Ikea, you have to pass by a bit of their shopping area first before getting directed to the exit, so these were some of the stuff we saw before officially getting out..

While window shopping I can already tell that I wanted so many things. But I really don't have much space at home anymore. So, will definitely keep in mind the items I spotted for our future home shopping. :) I actually saw a few items that I want for Moon's room and they're affordable too!

When our Ikea adventure was over, we headed Ayala Manila Bays next to support Pauly in celebrating his fave Kpop Group Stray Kids' Hyunjin's Birthday! :)

I'm super not well versed yet with Stray Kids since I'm slowly just getting to know them thanks to Pauly. But it's really fun attending a Kpop idol's birthday. :) You get to meet fellow fans and see their dedication and love for their idols.💜 Can't wait to listen to more Stray Kids music!

And that's it! Our fun Sunday! So happy I got to do this with the Chingus!

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