5 reasons why Pau-Pau is the bestie you need

by - April 26, 2022

Don’t be BAMBOOzled! Pau-Pau may be from an imaginary mystical land, but this furry panda’s got what it takes tobe your new bestie, and we’ve made a list to prove why he’s a keeper!


He understands the struggle


The dilemma when the craving strikes and there’s nothing in the fridge to match your tummy’s desires? He knows the struggle well. This made him turn into the friend we know now, who ensures everyone’s faves are accessible and readily available!

He cares about the environment and its safety


A natural charmer with his child-like wonder and upbeat nature, Pau-Pau, can make any gloomy flower bloom with just his quirky antics alone. Sometimes, he can even be quite the rebel - but within good reason! Like, facingadventures head-on for the next best thing to enjoy and share.

He is the embodiment of #YOLO


He’s the only pink panda in magical foodie land who has a knack for riding colored hot air balloons to vegetable islands and flying with flower-turned wings. His adventures give him great stories, and, of course, wisdom to share.His two cents on living? Live true according to your own terms and embrace your individuality.


Express yourself through these Pau-Pau stickers on WhatsApp Telegram, and share his cuteness to your loved ones by using his gifs on Viber!


He is reliable


Like the famous Friends theme song goes, he’ll be there for you. When times get tough, Pau-Pau will remind you to “relax” because “he’s got this.” Need a last-minute gift? How about lunch on a hectic day? He’ll make sure he getsthem for you in a jiffy!

He makes for the perfect food trip companion


Food is his love language and he’ll go the extra mile so you can enjoy your must-have munchies. From traveling to lands where gigantic fruits grow to sleeping on a pizza tree, there’s no doubt he will discover the best deals to sharewith you so you can indulge in your faves!


Haven’t met Pau-Pau yet? Well, don’t wait any longer! Download the foodpanda app now and meet your newadorable bestie.

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