Art Fair 2022

by - May 02, 2022

Back again with a personal blog! Feels like forever since I last wrote something from the heart here. I missed it so much! It has been such a busy first half of the year with me having major adjustment to Moon growing up and not having extra hands to help us at home. It can be a challenge. But nothing that my family and I can't work out. :) What matters is we're all healthy and good!

Anyhoo, before March ended, we went to Art Fair! I can't believe after two years of not being able to witness it, I finally got to attend and with my whole family too! Moon's very first Art Fair as well! :)

I personally don't bring the kids to crowded places. But since this was done outdoors, I was more open to taking them. For this year's Art Fair, not all artists or artworks were displayed in one venue like The Link before. They were a bit more spread out, I guess to maintain more social distancing? The one we visited was at Ayala Triangle and these were some of the artworks we saw...

This is one of my favorites, Candles by Johanna Helmuth. :)

This particular one I didn't catch the artist's name. But the boys and I loved the details. It's actually made out of different fabrics combined into this beautiful piece.

This was a crowd favorite. Almost everyone flocked over these cool cabinets. They're called 'Sariling Sulok' by Doctor Karayom

Another crowd favorite and personally mine too! This Playtime Paradiso by Tyang Karyel just makes every inch of my colorful heart burst with happiness. It's everything I love - colorful, quirky, fun, artsy and more! How can you not get attracted to this? The craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing!

Other equally awesome stuff we saw there...

After our little tour around, we hung out a bit at the garden of Ayala Triangle. It was a really good day and glad I got to spend this day with my family. It has been so long since we last did something like this. :) I really hope things start healing or things get better from here on out, so that we don't have to be locked away in our houses again.🙏

Hoping we can have another Art Fair next year! :)

Artsy Ava

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