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by - July 06, 2022

No diaper rash = no problem for this Momma! That's why I only stock up the best diapers for our baby Moon. :) Because if our baby is happy, then so are we! :)

Speaking of stocking up, keep your baby clean and comfy with the NEW and IMPROVED Huggies Dry Pants! Catch upsized discounts up to 30% off on Shopee's 7.7 Mid-Year Sale!

Catch the first wave of Shopee-exclusive discounts on select Huggies products this July 2 where you can get discounts of up to 20% off and upsized discounts up to 30% off on July 7!

Huggies Dry Pants Large (68 pcs): Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Huggies Dry Pants with a 4-way design for complete baby comfort. Huggies Dry Pants is perfect for active babies:

- It has Dry X-pert Channel Technology that helps distribute wiwi across the pad for superior absorption and comfortable movement

- It is also 100% breathable that’s why it is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash 

Celebrate the mid-year with P66 and P77 deals, shipping discount vouchers, and 10% off daily at the Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Mid-Year Sale!


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