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by - October 19, 2022

Having a baby, balancing a household, and work can take a toll on my skin. I mostly notice it on my face, so I'm willing to try almost anything to breathe life into it lately since it can look a bit dull at times, especially on my eye bags area.

Speaking of new skincare, have you heard of the brand Some by Mi?

Some By Mi is another to-watch-out for K-Beauty brand. It's even endorsed by boy band Seventeen's S.Coup.

Get that holiday glow on and treat unwanted spots when you shop for these skincare must-haves for up to 46% off, only at Some By Mi's official store on Shopee. 

1. Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream

Say goodbye to fine lines and hello to brighter, firmer undereyes when you use this Retinol-infused eye cream from Some By Mi. It contains anti-ageing properties that helps improve pore elasticity-, resulting to plumper and more radiant-looking skin than before use'-PICK-Retinol-Intense-Advanced-Triple-Action-Eye-Cream-3ml-30ml-(Cruelty-Free)-i.153457868.12438458536?sp_atk=13b13eb9-9759-4299-a03d-a5efc6b4a638

2. YUJA Niacin Dark Spot Correcting Stick

Lighten up dark spots with this handy YUJA Correcting Stick. Made with 5% Niancinamide, this 4 in 1 multi-stick instantly brightens your face and leaves you with a soft glow, making you look more youthful and radiant in every swipe'-PICK-YUJA-Niacin-Dark-Spot-Correcting-Stick-Pouch-Must-Have-Skincare-Cooling-Stick-for-Summer-Brightening-Spot-Correcting-10g-(cruelty-free)-i.153457868.20327391842?sp_atk=39d1efaa-f80c-463a-8abf-27a171a22a43&xptdk=39d1efaa-f80c-463a-8abf-27a171a22a43

3. AHA BHA PHA Miracle AC Clear Spot Treatment

Treat stubborn acne spots and achieve clearer, healthier-looking skin in three days of consistent use with Some By Mi's Miracle Spot Treatment. It contains a powerful combination of AHA, BHA, and PHA, that calms your acne without irritating your skin

Excited to see how my skin will look from here on out!

Get these at discounted prices when you shop on Shopee!

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