Thank you 2022!

by - December 31, 2022


Thought I'd start of with that because I seriously lack personal posts here and honestly, it's quite sad since this blog has always been dedicated to sharing my life. But priorities need my attention more, like caring for Moon and of course, work, which is more Instagram based now, so more time is dedicated there. But I promised myself that I would at least write a year-ender post, so here I am! :)

2022 has really been a serious rollercoaster ride for us as a family. We started off the year getting sick, so that was no fun at all. Took quite a toll. But thankfully, we all got up on our feet again and faced the year hopeful. This was also the year wherein we got a new surprise and found out we were expecting our fourth bundle of joy - that was May 2022.

Come July 1st, we had a miscarriage and lost our dear Arlo. Again, starting the new month wasn't a happy one. Its been 5 months officially and we're still healing. But we're doing much better than we did a few months back. Thankful for friends and family that helped bring back the smiles on our faces after this ordeal of losing a child.

The year of road trips and making new memories!

Compared to the past two years of the pandemic, the family and I got to go on many road trips and do a lot of family related activities. Things we did this year:

πŸ’œ Visit Angel Fields - our first ever road trip since the pandemic
πŸ’œ Visit the zoo twice!
πŸ’œ Visit Dinosaur Island
πŸ’œ Go on a staycation
πŸ’œ Go to Tagaytay with the whole fam
πŸ’œ Visit Manila Ocean Park
πŸ’œ Attend two weddings

Definitely storing these in my core memory and hope the kids also remember these happy times!

Moon's milestones! This year, we celebrated so many! 

πŸ’— We celebrated her first Valentine's Day. She received her first ever bouquet from Dad and cute card from the Kuyas!

πŸ’— She ate solids for the first time! She had Cerelac like her Kuyas too!

πŸ’— We had her baptism last April and so glad we got to invite friends to attend

πŸ’— She also celebrated her first birthday and we did a staycation for her

Can't wait for her new milestones come 2023!

Last July, we had the groundbreaking of our forever home and we've been slowly documenting each progress made. We super can't wait to finally move on. There's still half a year left, so hoping all goes well and on schedule. :) This is a huge leap since all my life we've lived in our rental. I'll miss our old place, but more excited to move!

This 2022, I also got to spend a lot of time with my friends and that's something I'm really happy about. :) I got to celebrate my birthday with them, attend BTS online concerts, go on random meetups, celebrate each others milestones, and finally have a Christmas party!

Hoping to have more bonding this 2023!

Events! I never thought I'd get to attend this much events again. But 2022 served a lot! More than the photos I got to post here. So happy to be back on the grind again cos I really missed it. I even got to bring Moon and the boys to some. :) 

I wonder if 2023 would have more? Let's see!

One-on-one dates with the Hubby.πŸ’œ

We don't have much of this in 2022. But thankful for the moments that we got to. :) We celebrated my 33rd birthday by dining at Le Petite Chef. Been wanting to do this since I've seen it online years ago and finally Manila has it! :) Our favorite ToyCon had an event again after a long break and of course, we just had to go. :)

May 2023 give us more dates!

Celebrated another Halloween by dressing up the kids.The Hubby and I skipped the costumes. But the kids are a must! :) I DIY'd their costumes this time around as Starbucks peeps and loved the outcome! :)


This year, I took a leap and started our family channel - Right now, I'm really enjoying documenting our fun times. :) Our dear Moon loves watching all our videos, so it makes me more determined to work on videos for her. :) Someday, the kids can watch this and remember our times as a family.πŸ’œ

Hope you can subscribe to our channel! :)

Celebrated last Christmas as usual with the in-laws. :)

As 2022 comes to a close and with everything that happened, I can only say, THANK YOU, 2022. It has been a rough year with many challenges. But it also had a lot of ups and happy times. I learned a great deal and ready to face 2023 with optimism.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it bring you more good health, happiness and prosperity!

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