My Affinity Dental Clinic Estancia Experience

by - February 03, 2023

Ever since discovering Affinity Dental Clinic back in 2018, they’ve been my trusted clinic went it comes to my teeth. Sadly, when the pandemic happened I wasn’t able to visit them for a while. I usually went to their Makati branch back then. But since they have a new one at Estancia Mall, I decided to have my long overdue visit there and get my teeth checked. :)

Since I haven’t been to the dentist in a while, I definitely had to get my teeth cleaned and kept my fingers crossed that I didn’t need any major thing done. 

When I got to the clinic at Estancia Mall, as expected, Affinity Dental has always had their chic and clean interiors which I love so much. What made this visit different from my 2018 one was that, they now have extra precautions for COVID. They do the necessary steps to make sure both client/patient and doctors are safe. They sanitize everything and even make us wear PPE from head to foot to protect us.

For this particular visit, I had Dra. Tin take care of me - I always love how friendly and at ease I feel with Affinity’s dentists. She first asked me if there was any concerns I had for my teeth. Aside from needing some cleaning, I mentioned to her that I’m aware a few of my wisdom tooth have started coming out. I know they can be painful or cause dental problems for some. But since they’re thankfully not bothering me yet, I think it’s safe to leave them be for now. After examining everything and clearing my wisdom teeth inquiries, Dra. Tin proceeded with my Prophylaxis a.k.a. teeth cleaning.

Just a friendly reminder to make sure that you get your teeth cleaned at least twice a year to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and of course, to keep a good dental hygiene.

After my Prophylaxis, she also gave me a Fluoride Treatment. It was my first time to encounter this and to be honest, it’s not a comfy thing to deal with. BUT! There’s a BUT! You only need to bear with the sticky treatment for 30 minutes. Meaning, you can’t eat or drink anything after it’s applied. From what I gathered, Fluoride treatments are good because it also prevents tooth decay and help strengthen tooth enamel. Basically, it protects your choppers.

I’m really glad I was finally able to visit Affinity Dental Clinic again and so happy because of their care for my teeth in the past, everything is still good and didn’t need anything done. :) Maybe I’ll consider some teeth whitening in the future since being a coffee-lover has been pretty evident on my smile hihi. ^_^

If you want to visit or know more about Affinity Dental Clinic and their services, check here:

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