Growing Your Wealth Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide to GFunds and GStocks PH

by - October 19, 2023

In a world full of things to do, decisions to make, and the desire to build and create wealth, we need a clear plan towards securing our financial future. It’s great that people have long harped on two ways  to help us attain this: investing and passive income.


Investing has long been a reliable method to earn passively. In the modern era of technological advancements, we're presented with the opportunity to delve into the world of investment through GFunds and GStocks PH - both within the GInvest section of the GCash app.


GInvest is a digital investment product within the GCash app that allows Filipinos to  begin their investment journey through its different investment products.


Discover ways to attain your financial goals and make the most of GCash's Investment features with these essential tips:

1. Educate Yourself, know where you’re putting your money: Harness the wealth of educational resources available online. Comprehend essential stock market jargon, factors influencing stock prices, and the art of diversification. In order for you to make more informed decisions for your next investment move, it’s crucial to know the difference, like for example between GStocks PH and GFunds.


While both are GInvest products, GStocks PH is AB Capital Securities, Inc.'s (ABCSI) online retail securities trading services made accessible through the GCash app. Through ABCSI's online platform, investors can buy, sell, and manage stocks of companies listed in the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE).


GFunds on the other hand, is the investment marketplace feature of the GCash App that allows you to buy, manage, and sell investment funds from GCash’s trusted fund house partners.


2. Diversify Wisely: Avoid risk concentration by spreading investments across different sectors and asset classes, offering a shield against market volatility.

There is no minimum top-up amount for GStocks PH, but it’s possible to begin with at least ₱1,000. While there are stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange that can be bought with just a few hundreds of pesos, you may consider investing more if you have the financial means to do so and would like to focus on specific stocks. Through investing in local stocks, you get to invest in the companies and brands you know and love.

On the other hand, with GFunds, you can invest in local funds with exposure to Philippine securities with just as little as ₱50

3. Buy Regularly: When it comes to investing, buying regularly will allow one to manage market fluctuations and maximize their investments over a long period of time.
If you’re looking into long-term investments, remember to:

4. Embrace Patience: Investing plays the long game. Maintain calm during market fluctuations and keep your focus on the horizon.


5. Stay Informed and Secure: Regularly evaluate your investments' performance, adjust your strategies as your financial aspirations evolve. Leverage the guidance of financial experts and explore the resources available online. These tools are invaluable for making informed decisions aligned with your specific financial goals and risk tolerance 

Rest assured that your money is safe with GCash; products from GInvest like GStocks PH and GFunds are offered by one of the leading players in the stock brokerage industry and leading fund houses in the Philippines, respectively. 

If you are the type who would like to choose the companies you invest in and manage your own investments, GStocks PH is for you. AB Capital Securities Inc. extends its support by offering Stock Picks through GCash, serving as a valuable guide to help you choose the right stocks for your investment journey. 


Registration is simple and open to all existing GCash users who have fully verified accountsabove 18 years old, and are Filipino citizens.

Your journey to financial growth starts with embracing the potential of GFunds and GStocks PH through the GCash app. Remember, the steps you take today will shape the prosperous future you've always envisioned.




GCash (G-Xchange, Inc.) is the #1 Finance App in the Philippines. Through the GCash App, 69M registered users can easily purchase prepaid airtime; pay bills at over 1,600 partner billers nationwide; send and receive money anywhere in the Philippines, even to other bank accounts; purchase from over 5.2M partner merchants and social sellers; and get access to savings, credit, loans, insurance and invest money, and so much more, all at the convenience of their smartphones. GCash is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mynt (Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc.), the first and only duacorn in the Philippines.


GCash was recognized by The Asian Banker (TAB) and by the IDC in 2021 for its outstanding digital financial inclusion programs.


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