Love, Bonito’s Lunar New Year Collection and a new Philippines website

by - January 10, 2024

This Lunar New Year, Love, Bonito seeks to honour all kinds of modern reunions in an era where family gatherings look vastly different for everyone. Whether through long-distance virtual calls or intimate gatherings, the Year of the Dragon will be celebrated by paying homage to our Asian heritage through Eastern-inspired silhouettes, twinning looks and coordinated family ensembles. Plus, customers can now enjoy shopping with the brand via its new Philippines website ( where they can view pricing in Pesos, enjoy new and convenient payment options like GCash, and redeem specially curated gifts, including the Fortune Red Packets, Scarlet Tissue Box Holder and Gratitude Chopsticks.

From Left to Right: Ila Satin Bias Cut Midi Dress in Opulent Florals (Dusty Pink), 

Kalani Satin Column Midi Dress in Opulent Florals (Slate Blue)

The Ties that Bind Us

Reunions can come in varied forms, from multicultural families, resilient single moms, or even those that carry the weight of loss - but with the breaking of norms comes the strengthening of ties and the unwavering importance of familial bonds. Featuring styles designed in intricate knots and strappy details, each outfit exudes the symbolism of unity through auspicious colours, exclusive in-house embroidery Opulent Florals, and brocade textiles Heirloom Botanicals and Rekindled Blooms. 


From Left to Right: Yuri Asymmetric Drape Midaxi Dress (Red)Yanna Mandarin Collar Romper (Rust)

The one-and-done Yuri Asymmetric Drape Midaxi Dress is a modern take on the traditional cheongsam, with her draped neckline and full-length elegance, ideal for first day formalities. The embodiment of good luck and joy, Yanna Mandarin Collar Romper is a stunning piece to wear with its Mandarin collar, waist-cinching fixed sash, shorter length and side pockets for angbaos. Style them with gold accessories for extra bling and a pair of comfort sandals or statement sneakers to accompany you through day-long home visits. 

From Left to Right: Mina Padded Tweed Mandarin Collar Jumpsuit (Black), Mira Knit Midi Dress (Black); Jian Mandarin Collar Puff Sleeve Blouse in Heirloom Botanicals (Jade), Anya Tie Back Midi Dress in Heirloom Botanicals (Blue); Rocco Men's Embroidered Collared Shirt in Rekindled Blooms Navy Blue, Mei Embroidered Babydoll Camisole Top in Rekindled Blooms (Sunflower), Philippa Embroidered Ruffle Maxi Dress in Rekindled Blooms (Cream), Melati Embroidered Babydoll Mini Dress in Rekindled Blooms (Vermillion)

Honour your generational bonds with mother-daughter twinning fits and matching family looks! For the modern trendsetters, defy fashion norms with darker shades with Mina Padded Tweed Mandarin Collar Jumpsuit or Mira Knit Midi Dress instead of typical reds for a chic look that transcends beyond the season. Not forgetting our mini-mes, the Jian Mandarin Collar Puff Sleeve Blouse and Anya Tie Back Midi Dress are inspired by jade and porcelain and interpreted to suit you and your little girl. For a group matchy-matchy, the brand is launching both mens and kids wear options in brocade fabric Rekindled Blooms for this special occasion. 


A Touch of Tradition

Savour the precious moments of reunion with additional surprises for your family: 


● Our Fortune Red Packets are crafted in seamless blends of colours to encapsulate the fluidity of life and the essence of modern reunions. Though unique, they can unfold perfectly in their own way. Redeem a set of five with minimum spend of PHP4,888 in a single receipt. 
● Scarlet Tissue Box Holder that could double up as your phone stand when you make international calls. Redeem a set with minimum spend of PHP6,000 in a single receipt from 1 Jan, Mon onwards. 
● Chopsticks are a symbol of happiness in Chinese culture. Redeem a pair of Gratitude Chopsticks with minimum spend of PHP6,000 in a single receipt from 22 Jan, Mononwards. 


Love, Bonito’s Lunar New Year 2024 Collection will be sold online from 1 January 2024 (Monday) onwards.

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