14 December 2012

The Inksquad!

I love anything that lets me personalize or customize my things. It gives me more reasons to love it, because you can actually call it your own or have a unique touch to it. Which is why I find The Inksquad; a simple 3-step t-shirt customization site quite interesting. :)


The site allows you to design, upload and order your design on demand. What's even more awesome is that when other people buy your print you get 5% of the royalties! Plus, you get to wear the t-shirt that YOU like. Sweet deal, right?:)

You can start designing by uploading your draft on their site with the steps below...

*Click here to upload your design

The photo above shows some of the sample drafts from other people. I bet it would be so awesome to see your design on a graphic tee!^_^ 

But if you just want to purchase a graphic tee on their site, you can also do so by clicking their SHOP icon. I personally wanted to try that out, so I ordered my very own Ink squad shirt!


I looooove gummy bears, so this absolutely got my attention. It even came with a cute tag on it, explaining the design. :) Each shirt retails for Php 490 only!

Have fun designing!

To know more about The Ink Squad, you can check them out at the following sites:




Ishna said...

That's cuuute! Gummy bears look adorable, always!:)

I think the shirts are perfect for personalzed gifts, no?

Chyrel Gomez said...

This is so cute! Wish we have it here. =)

KIRA ♥ said...

Hi Cheryl!

Ink Squad is a local company and you can shop for their shirts via www.theinksquad.com :)

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