Cheers to you, Dad

by - June 16, 2008

So, yesterday was Father's day, I wasn't able to post anything on the exact date kaya belated entry na lang!=P

First we went off to Fort Bonifacio together with my family and Wubie to have lunch at Zong's restaurant at around 1-ish, but we got there around 2PM because we got lost trying to find the place thinking it was at MarketMarket, yun pala bloopers asa Serendra side siya! Wek. So, when we finally found the place, it rained so hard naman weee. (Ayaw ata kami pakainin ng panahon??) Good thing my Uncle got this huge beach umbrella so, we could get to the
restaurant without getting wet. After lunch at Zong's we headed for Serendra, which BTW I haven't been to yet until yesterday. (Oo na, loser na ako kahapon pa lang nakarating mga paa ko sa Serendra!) We went around and shopped for some baby books for Athan then headed for Starbucks to hangout before we went our separate ways.

After lunch with the Choa's( my family) we went to Wubie's house to celebrate it with his family. Dinner mode. And of course, Athan was able to meet his great grandfather on the Zabat side. Happy, happy, happy. Too bad Athan was fussy and mostly asleep at that time. Actually he's always fussy nowadays. Poo. Our dinner was great. We had good food and good company. We stayed there until 10:30, I wish we could have stayed a bit longer, but of course everyone had to rest. I felt bad for Athan's cousin, Dallas (she's 3 years old) though. She was crying when we were about to leave because, she didn't want Athan to go.=( Poor, Love.

All in all this is the best Father's day celebration I've had in years. I got to spend it twice too! Lucky me. hehe. Even though, I didn't have my own father by my side for me to greet and celebrate father's day with, I really don't mind at all because my family and Wubie's family filled that space for him and I didn't even notice that day that I didn't have a dad. There's a saying, Anyone can be a dad, but it takes someone special to be a dad. Too bad mine didn't understand that saying. I love my family. That's all I can say.=)

Don't you just love his outfit?



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