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by - June 27, 2008

It has been a long and stressful week of being a mommy because Athan wouldn't stop fussing and everyone in our house hold including him got the sniffles and cough due to all the late night serenading him to sleep while he keeps on fussing. Poor us. But, we went to see the doctor at Makati Medical center the other day so, hopefully we'll all be in tip top shape by next week.=)

Yesterday, we went to my high school, CSA, to fix my transcript and certification letter for CSB saying that I haven't enrolled in any tertiary institution here or abroad. I wasn't able to enroll during the first trimester because I gave birth so, my college life had to be delayed to the second trimester. I hope everything goes well with it because I'm kinda scared that CSB might make things complicated for me since, I'm just enrolling now and not last May. We're going back there on July 1st to re-apply so please pray for me, guys because, I really want to go back to school again and of course, this time going to school has a purpose and it's for Athan's future and mine.

A while ago, I went to Baclaran church with Wubie, Mommy and Tita to attend the Mother of perpetual help feast day because she helped us have a healthy and normal baby. We attended the 1 hour mass first then after we joined the procession. At first we thought it was impossible for us to go because it started to rain, but good ol' Baclaran, has everything from ukay-ukays, cheap food thrills, pirated DVDs down to umbrellas, which made us able to join. It was an uber long and tiring walk, but it was worth it, she gave us such a blessing and what we did will never measure up to that.

On other things, My Mommy got Athan this cute Jungle play nest and gym from Taiwan and he really looks cute when he's inside it. It's as if he's very tiny and the play nest is too huge for him. I love it, but I can't wait for his rocker. I'm hoping for it to be my saving grace because, maybe just maybe he'll learn how to sleep and not be so cranky. *wishful thinking/fingers crossed!*

Annnnd for the finale, my happy pill last week--Wubie surprised me with our love rings( that's what he calls it). Hehe. I love him so much!! His sweetness is always like chocolate ice cream topped off with lotsa whipped cream and cherry. My ring has "GERSH" engraved on it while he has "AVA" on his. We promised each other we wouldn't take it off, only if the occasion calls for it.

Anyhoo, that's all the happenings for this week and last. I gotta go now havta put my Cheeky monkey to sleep. Ciao!


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