I simply A-DORE YOOOU!

by - June 08, 2008

It's here, it's here!! My long wait is finally over for my uber delayed graduation gift courtesy of my Mom (I love you, Mama!!!). My MacBook. I love it from the bottom of my heart. But, I'm kind of in a slight dilemma because i've been so use to Windows XP that it makes it a tad difficult to work with a new program which is Macintosh. But I'm not worried because Wubie's here to teach me all the functions and what to tinker with when I need to troubleshoot it. He fixed my internet and WiFi connection so, I could bring my laptop anywhere in the house. He's my computer nerd, he's awesome(he truly is! trust me;-)) and I love him to bitssssss!

I am soo gonna love blogging more because of this. Feel na feel ko ang pagiging writter! I'm going to pretend I'm an editor of some magazine or a columnist like Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the city. Haha. Libre mangrap, pagbigayan na. WELL, Imma end this now so, I could explore my MacBook a little bit more. TTFN-tah tah for now!

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